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Fighting the Screen

Guess what happened here the other day! Suddenly there were a bunch of workers busying around the old entrance (the one we used before the new lobby was ready), and before we knew it they’d set up a big fat screen right at the wall to our residence building. First, I didn’t think much of it, but on second thoughts something dawned on me: Wait! That screen sits right on the same wall which is also the wall of my living room. And sure enough, only hours later I knew exactly what that meant: A steady stream of noise began to invade even the quietest corner of my home. And that’s also when I realized that that was in fact a really bad thing. Who wants to have constant music and noise from clips you can’t even see, but which repeat every half hour or so to pervade their home and deprave them of any peace and quiet? Not only that, but the noise from that screen outside is so loud that I can’t even hear much of my own music (or TV sound), and I realized: Oh boy, I have a big fat problem. One, which is about the size of that huge screen which should have never even been put up at a residential building in the first place.

Now I don’t just have a very smelly new apartment. But I have a very stinky, noisy new apartment – a fact that doesn’t sit quite well with me, and I’ve been thinking … maybe it’s time for people around here to learn about noise pollution …


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