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David & Goliath


Did you see that? Yes, I mean the slightly amusing attempt of our foreign faculty housing staff to keep the water leaks in the roof of the lobby under control. (I’ve been giving you updates on the number of buckets and other measurements needed to hunt down all the leaks – see my posts “Rain Proof” & “Spot the Buckets” if you’re new to and are looking for something to amuse you.) But it seems to me that there’s always something new to report when it rains. Like the – what I’d like to call – battle between David and Goliath. Except that this time, contrary to the historical facts, I’m afraid I’d have to say Goliath won this clash! And I haven’t even told you about the waterfall coming down that very spot just the other day as well. (And I mean waterfall when I say waterfall, because there was no way to get through the curtain of water without getting drenched.) Let’s hope for better days for our poor poor lobby!

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