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Culture Fest – Day Two: Asia

Making origami frogs

Making origami frogs with one of our Japanese teachers

I was having fun at culture week again, today. This time, I took some of my students to the main square, and I had a blast just watching them. Seeing their faces light with excitement at all the things they could try or play – it was almost like Christmas! We took lots of pictures, tried some Indian tea (chai tea), and  some snacks from Bangladesh. They were eager to fill their (fake) passports with (fake) stamps from various countries, and took part in making origami frogs that they’d have to race afterwards.

And I? I got to be the celebrated celebrity once more (whether I like it or not). Just being out there, surrounded by my group of students, made other students assume that I was part of the fairground attractions – ergo: a constant flow of requests to pose for pictures with them.

So, my pointer for you today: If you ever want to feel like a celebrity, just come to China, and you can be sure to get lots of attention, I assure you!

Oh, and before I forget, here are some more pictures of today:

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