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Bananas and Such Things

I got a problem. Well, it’s a good problem because it’s got to do with the generosity of one of my good friends. And yet, it’s a problem. A banana problem. Well, here’s why:

The other day, my friend visited me, and of course, quite suitably according to Chinese rules of visiting etiquette, that friend brought me a gift, as visitors are supposed to do to honor their hosts. My gift – I’m sure you can guess – was bananas. Nothing wrong with that. I like bananas. They taste well (especially when they’re well ripe and sweet), and you can make lots of delicious things using bananas. The problem is, that my friend, likewise quite suitably according to Chinese rules of generosity, didn’t just bring me two or three bananas (which would perfectly match a single-person household like mine). That friend brought me 10 bananas (which, let me tell you, these bananas don’t last as long as ten days. They won’t even last 7 days, that’s for sure.). And now, I’m desperately trying to find ways of how to eat bananas other than the traditional banana-way. Ways of where I can eat three or more bananas in one day. Like today. I had banana oatmeal for breakfast, a chocolate spread and banana sandwich for a snack, and a banana-cocoa smoothie just now. I’m full of banana, and still the end in that banana bag is not in sight.

So, if anyone knows of any way how else I could have banana (yummy recipes for banana bread, muffins, etc.) link me up, coz if I’ll wait till after tomorrow, I’ll have mashed bananas, and that’s not quite as yummy!

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