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An Advent Calendar From the Past


Who of us doesn’t like the Christmas memories from their childhood? I for one can get pretty nostalgic this time of year. And my mom giving me one of those typical advent calendars we used to have as children this year doesn’t help it a bit. Where I come from, these advent calendars are really common. Any supermarket will sell them. They come with 24 doors – one to open every day during the Christmas season, and behind each door you’ll find a small piece of chocolate shaped according to a little picture. And then, when you finally get to door #24, it’s twice the size as all the others, and of course, the chocolate piece is twice as big (a special treat for Christmas Eve)!

All the children in our family used to get their own advent calendar every year – usually with different pictures on them. And for me it was always special fun searching for the right door. So, I never looked at my advent calendar too long to avoid memorizing the numbered doors. So I could search again the next day. And guess what? Even after all these many years, getting this advent calendar this year, I realized, I’m still doing the same thing … trying to ignore the numbers on the door so I would have more fun searching again, the next day.

I guess, some things just never change! And sometimes it’s nice being a child again!

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