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A 30-Day Photo Challenge

Last month I decided to participate in a 30-day Photo Challenge starting October 1. Every day there will be a new challenge for which to take a picture, and I thought it would help me get out my camera a little more often and capture some of the little moments in life. The bad news is that I spent the entire October Holiday in bed so far, (which is why it’s been so quiet around here these last couple of days), and I missed the first five days of this challenge.

BUT: late is better than never, I say – and so, fighting the bouts of sleepiness that still kept creeping up on me all day (just don’t have the patience for another day in bed), I carried my tired body out into a bright and sunny day for a little walk around campus. (It can never harm to allow the sun to warm your nose, right?)

Anyways, I’m far behind in the photo challenge project, so today I thought I’d better start with those photos, and today’s challenge is to take a picture …

Day 6: From A Low Angle

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