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Photo Challenge Day 7: Fruit

In the cafeteria, they still haven’t gotten over the water melon season yet (serving water melon almost every single day). Since I don’t particularly like to mess around with water melon, I went into a fruit store on campus yesterday to get myself a happy alternative, and so this one came in handy to pose as my model today! And remember: An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Maybe it’ll help me some!

A 30-Day Photo Challenge

Last month I decided to participate in a 30-day Photo Challenge starting October 1. Every day there will be a new challenge for which to take a picture, and I thought it would help me get out my camera a little more often and capture some of the little moments in life. The bad news is that I spent the entire October Holiday in bed so far, (which is why it’s been so quiet around here these last couple of days), and I missed the first five days of this challenge. BUT: late is better than never, I say – and so, fighting the bouts of sleepiness that still kept creeping up on me all day (just don’t have the patience for another day in bed), I carried my tired body out into a bright and sunny day for a little walk around campus. (It can never harm to allow the sun to warm your nose, right?) Anyways, I’m far behind in the photo challenge project, so today I thought I’d better start with those …

Behind the Scenes: It’s All Black & White

Today, I’d like to share a little  about black & white photography. Monochrome photos are timeless. They add emotion and drama to a picture, and sometimes an otherwise rather boring photo can gain momentum and become quite capturing when turned into a black & white image. Almost any scene can be turned into a black & white image, though when working with these kinds of photos, it’s good to know a few things about black & white photography to enhance the quality of your pictures significantly. Contrast Without color, the various shades of gray in black & white photography become rather prominent. Therefore, it becomes very important to make the subject of your photo stand out from the rest of the photo. A light subject against a dark background, for example, will accomplish that, but including various shades of gray also can make a big difference, since they will add depth to your photo. Shape & Form Without color to guide and lead you through the photograph, shape and form become very important aspects of your …

Enable Me: Big Pictures Photoshop Actions

This week, I have another special treat for you: A free photoshop action that can be very fun to apply to your photos and papers. Compared to the commercial version, the free version comes with very limited options. Nevertheless, this action is still fun to use and will give your page a fun twist. You can either put a collage together with 25 different images, or you can use one photo/paper that will be divided into 25 smaller images. You can leave the photos flat and orderly, or you can have the edges bent and individual images angled (as if a wind has swept through the whole) – all with one click. Here are some sample pages I did, using this photoshop action. Another more recent one: The photoshop action says it requires a rectangular/landscape image to work with, but when I used the squared background paper in my second layout, it still worked just as good! Simply click on the image above to go to, scroll down the page a bit, and you …

Enable Me: Toasted Photoshop Actions

I love Enable-Me-Wednesdays, because it’s so much fun to share some of the great resources available on the www with you. In the past, I promised you I’d have more photoshop actions for you, so let’s get right on with it: This set includes six actions that will make your photos look warmer and maybe a little faded. Simply click on the image above to get to the deviant art page, and click on the “Download File” link next to the image (right column). Hope you’ll enjoy this action set, and stay posted, for I still have lots of other photoshop actions to come!

Behind the Scenes: Smart Sharpen Your Photos

It’s time for our monthly photography “class,” and today I thought, I’d stay rather simple. There are many tiny and very easy steps to improve our digital photos, though they can have a great impact on our images. One of these small, but effective tools in Photoshop is the “Smart Sharpen” filter. If you are anything like me, you already know about the process of saving your layouts for web, and that using the “Unsharp Mask” filter is part of that process. When working with photos, however, I discovered that the “Smart Sharpen” filter comes in very handy. With just a few clicks, you can improve the image significantly, and that can also make a difference on your digiscrap layout. Take this photo for example: I took this picture last weekend, and I didn’t make any adjustments. It’s a pleasant photo, but the edges of the little petals are a little blurry. Now take a look at the same image, after I applied the “Smart Sharpen” filter: I didn’t do anything else to this image. …

Behind the Scenes: Ideas for Photos in Spring

Many of us love to take photos. It’s part of our memory keeping process. The problem starts, when you are tired of the same ol’ same ol’ kind of photos that you get every year – the ones where the only difference is, that it’s a different year, and the faces get older. If you are looking for some fresh ideas and inspiration for your spring photos, however, I might have just what you are looking for. I did some researching the last couple of days to come up with ideas to make your photos a little more fun and varied. And for your convenience I’m putting them together in a nice little list. Spring Cleaning What’s part of your spring cleaning? Your progress Before and after shots You accomplishments Spring – Season of Firsts First flowers in your garden First warm day First picnic First time playing in the park First bbq First time swimming Easter Your decoration this year Your decorating progress Egg dying Easter baskets Egg hunts Your Easter treats this year …

Enable Me: Digital Photography School

When searching for some useful tips and tutorials on photography, I stumbled across this website the other day: The Digital Photography School. It comes with lots of great resources and a ton of useful tips on how to improve your digital photography skills. Articles on this website are as varied as … Finding fresh angles to shoot from, Photographing children, Photographing moving subjects, Tips for black and white photography, or even … How to get someone to take your photo! The language used in the article is easy to understand, even for non-professionals, but it also comes with tips and tools for advanced photographers, and experts. So, if you are looking for some ways to get your photography skills up a notch, this might be just the right place for you.