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Tomb Sweeping Holiday

It’s a holiday here in China, and that means no classes today and tomorrow – as the school officially closes for a short vacation. Of course, students (and teachers alike) had to go to class on Saturday to make up for today’s classes, but at least that gives everyone three days in a row without school. The traditional Tomb Sweeping Day (where a large proportion of Chinese worships their ancestors) will take place tomorrow, and it usually is a pretty big deal locally, since our town is considered one of the cradles of Chinese civilization.

Maintenance is currently going through some maintenance issues. Therefore, I won’t be posting much, until the process is completed. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause anyone of my readers, and hope to be back in business soon. Thanks for your patience, and keep checking back to make sure you don’t miss anything once all issues are solved.

Spring Festival

February 2: Eve of the Chinese New Year February 3: First day of the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival begins); most stores will be closed for two days. February 3-17: Chinese New Year’s festivities February 17: Lantern Festival (Spring Festival ends with great fireworks)

No Internet

Sorry, for being so bad recently, keeping you posted! My internet has been out for most of the weekend, and still is frequently giving me trouble. Only me and my next door neighbor are affected, everyone else in this building seems to be fine!

Winter Break

It’s official now: as of today the school’s winter break has started. Most students have left the campus and it has become rather quiet around here. Until the middle of February, when students start to return, nothing much will go on in this part of town. Most of my colleagues have left as well, mainly seeking refuge in the warmer regions such as Thailand & other parts of South East Asia. For the few of us who decided to stick around, it will be very quiet in the next couple of weeks.