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Inspire Me: Jazzmin

Her pages are fun and fresh, and full of excitement. I love  browsing through Jazzmin’s gallery, because she always has new ideas to scrap her memories and her thoughts. Many times have I found inspiration for one of my own pages in her gallery, and if you were to ask me, which of her pages I liked best – I wouldn’t be able to tell you, since she has so many awesome layouts to admire and draw inspiration from. And best of all, she journals in German, which always makes my heart skip with excitement! (For those of you who don’t understand German – even her journaling style is fun to read.) So, if you haven’t heard of Jazzmin yet (she’s also a digiscrap designer with some great products), make sure to check out her gallery for your share of inspiration!

Inspire Me: Mi Monteiro

She’s been on my list for an “Inspire-Me” feature for a long time: Mi Monteiro. I first noticed her last year when she was accepted as a Sugarbabe over at SSD. Her pages are beautiful, and time and again I’ve lost myself in her gallery, finding inspiration for my own pages. Her layouts are impeccable; her style is quite versatile. I love her sense for composition, colors, pattern, and clustering, and I absolutely admire what she’s able to do with a kit, just by resizing items and her composition. If you haven’t discovered Mi Monteiro as inspiration for yourself yet, then make sure to take a look at her gallery; you might just get as inspired as I am!

Inspire Me: Pencil Lines

It’s the ancient fight between traditional and digital scrappers (or at least as old as the art of digiscrapping). I remember last year coming across a thread in the forum over at where some traditional scrappers were doing a pretty hateful campaign against the digital scrapbooking community. More than anything, I was stunned by the offensiveness of their comments as they were raging on about how digital scrapbooking is just a knock-off of the real thing, a poor imitation, and I kept thinking to myself: Traditional and digital scrapbooking are two completely different pairs of shoes, so why can’t we just exist peacefully next to each other, share the galleries, and respect and appreciate the different skills each branch of art requires? Well, today I’m going to make my contribution for tolerance, and provide you with some inspiration that comes from the side of traditional scrapbooking. Recently, I came across a website called “Pencil Lines” which provides sketches for scrapbooking, and some pretty awesome inspiration that comes with that. Ever since then I’ve scoured …

Inspire Me: Alexis

Ok, so she’s been next on my list for my “Inspire Me” series for a while now: Alexis, aka mrshobbes. I think I first noticed her because of her comments on some of my layouts. That got me curious, so I went and checked out who “mrshobbes” actually is, that is: what kind of a scrapper she is. And when I saw her gallery, I instantly knew I had a favorite new scrapper to stalk!  Her style is versatile, from clean to very artistic, and she always has new ideas to bring out her photos and work with the kits. The best of it all is: Just last week she was announced to be one of the newest sugarbabes over at the Sweetshoppe. Well deserved, in my opinion. Anyways, if you haven’t checked out Alexis’ gallery yet, you should do so, for she might be just the kind of inspiration you need for one of your future pages! You can visit her gallery at DST HERE.

Inspire Me: Aly

It’s Inspire-Me-Wednesday, and who of us doesn’t appreciate the occasional inspiration they can get from one of our fellow digi-scrappers? Today I’ve picked the amazing and wonderful Alyson Hall (who also is a sugarbabe at SSD). Time and again, I’ve had to pause a moment to admire yet another one of her gorgeous pages, and if you check out her galleries, you’ll know exactly what I mean. It seems like every single one of her pages has something that makes it stand out, and it would be impossible for me to tell, which of her layouts would be my favorite one. If you haven’t checked out Aly’s gallery yet, make sure to do so, because she might be just the right kind of inspiration you need for one of your future pages … Click HERE to get to Aly’s gallery at DST.

Inspire Me: Grow With Love Creative Team Gallery

This month, I have a new gallery that I want to introduce to you for some inspiration. The Grow With Love Creative Team Gallery (GWL CT Gallery). This is not a gallery of one individual scrapper (as I usually share with you here every first Wednesday of each month), but it’s the gallery where members of the CT of template designers Sarah Gleason & Crystal Livesay post their layouts. Most of you who often stop by my blog probably have realized already that I don’t really have one particular scrapping style, as I love to experiment with my pages and try out different styles and techniques. If I had to narrow my style down to just one favorite, though, I’d probably say, it’s the white-space scrapping style – a somewhat minimalist page design with lots of open space that hasn’t been packed with papers and embellishments. I love white-space pages. And that’s probably why I love the GWL CT Gallery! All the pages are based on the awesome templates of Sarah & Crystal that allow …

Inspire Me: Amanda Taylor

You might have guessed it already: I’m quite a fan of Amanda Taylor’s. However, she doesn’t only design some unique digiscrap goodies, she also creates some very gorgeous layouts, in a very unique style as well. If you haven’t checked out her gallery, yet, you should do so, for you could draw lots of inspiration form her pages.

Inspire Me: Patti

It’s Inspiration-Wednesday, and that means, I’m about to bring you some fresh inspiration from the galleries. I always love to check out other people’s galleries, because it always gives me some fresh ideas for my own pages. One such inspiring scrapper for me is Patti (as she is known in the digi-world). Her gallery is full of amazing layouts, featuring gorgeous cluster-work and a great feel for how to work with brushes. If you haven’t known about her yet, it might be worth checking out her gallery. Who knows what inspiration you might find?

Inspire Me: GSO Blog

Every first Wednesday of the month I’m trying to show you something that may help your mojo or will inspire you in your scrapping routine; and what better inspiration can you get than from layouts that already inspired others? I’m talking about the Gallery Standouts blog. To be honest with you, I need constant inspiration to make my pages worth looking at, and the GSO blog recently has become a welcome and useful resource for me. Basically, it’s a group of ladies who scour the galleries in search of some amazing, outstanding scrapbook pages. Admitted, not everything there is to my liking, as there are different tastes, but it is a great source of inspiration to look at all those awesome layouts, all concentrated in one place. The blog gets updated daily and you can search the archives for even more inspiration. Sadly, though, they recently updated their website, and while on their old blog they had previews to the selected standouts all collected in one place for an easy overview, I haven’t found that …

Inspire Me: Journaling

It may only be a small part of our scrapbook pages, but nonetheless it may make or break our layouts: the journaling. A lot of us really struggle when it comes to journaling, because we want to make our little sentiments interesting and meaningful. Journaling, however, doesn’t have to be such a painful part of our scrap page designs, as there are lots of tools and inspiration out on the web. One such tool I came across just recently is the website called They offer prompts to boost our journaling, and some of these prompts actually translate into a scrapbook page quite well. Recent prompts have been about your most memorable gift describing a defining moment in your life your most ordinary joyful moment in the last year etc. I’m determined to use these prompts in some of my future layouts, and maybe you will, too …?