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Inspire Me: mummytothree

It’s been a long while since I featured an inspirational scrapper the last time, and so today, I want to introduce you to another amazing scrapper who has provided great inspiration to me over the time: mummytothree. Her scrapping style is quite versatile, and she is one of those people who still can whip up amazing page designs without the use of a template. So, if you’re ever in need of some ideas for your own scrapbook pages, don’t forget to check out mummytothree’s gallery.

Inspire Me: Traci Reed

One of the people whose December Daily project has served as great inspiration for me this year has been Traci Reed.   I love how she fills her album with all the mess and beauty of her everyday life and special activities in December. Every page looks very different, and you can get tons of inspiration just by looking at her current project. Traci has been great at posting her project so far, and you can check it out on her blog: HERE.

Inspire Me: Dana

A great way for me to get inspiration for my scrapbooking is by looking at other people’s galleries. Dana (a Sweetshoppe Sugarbabe) is one of the scrappers whose gallery I check out repeatedly, because – sure enough – I can always rely on finding some fun new pages that serves as spring board to one of my own pages. If you’re curious about Dana’s scrap pages now, you can check out her gallery HERE.

Hybrid Hub: Inspiration by Joana

I do my own hybrid projects (given I find the time for it, which hasn’t been the case in a long while). But recently, my attention has been drawn to one outstanding hybrid artist over at SSD. She goes by Joana1n in the galleries, and for the last couple of weeks her gallery at SSD has been bursting with hybrid layouts of the finest sort. I never cease to be amazed at the paper pages she produces with digital products, and it’s a real source of inspiration that gets me all itchy again to make time, find it somehow, for a little more hybrid scrapping myself. If you’re in doubt, go and check out her amazing GALLERY and see how she uses digital scrapbooking kits so perfectly to create beautiful paper scrapbook pages.

Inspire Me: mom2peanuts

I’m excited, because today I get to do something I had meant to do for a long time – I get to introduce you to another one of my favorite scrappers. In the galleries, she goes as mom2peanuts, and her layouts amaze me time and again. She has a very distinct style, which means, I can see a page in the galleries and immediately know it’s one of hers. Still, I can’t help myself, each time I stumble upon one of her layouts, I have to look at it and absorb the composition and all the little details she adds. The probably No. 1 distinct feature of her scrapping style is her impeccable sense and ability for clustering and composition. If you’re ever in need for some great inspiration for one of your own pages, don’t forget to bookmark mom2peanuts’ gallery, because you’ll always find something to admire! You can find her MSA gallery HERE.

Inspire Me: Kelleanne

I’ve got something new to inspire you this week. I’ve known her layout since years, ever since I first set eyes on a beautiful page of hers, called {The beach people}, which she posted in the galleries about two years ago. And ever since then, have I been an on-and-off stalker of her gallery. If I was asked to define her style, I’d clearly include it in the category of “clean design,” though she also knows how to scrap other styles. If you’re looking for more inspiration, then Kelleanne’s gallery is definitely worth a trip. Here’s one of her more recent pages: And you can find her gallery HERE.

Inspire Me: Kelly Purkey

Wow! It’s been a while since I did my last real “Inspire Me” post. Looks like Christmas and the December Daily project just had me distracted quite some. But today, Inspire Me is back. And today … I’d like to introduce you to Kelly Purkey. Kelly is a gal from New York who’s real big into traditional scrapbooking, but she gives each of her pages her own hip twist. She is a member of the design team over at Studio Calico, and that seriously means something, right? You’ll find tons of inspiration simply by visiting her blog, and then there’s her gallery at Studio Calico, too.

Inspire Me: Christmas

If you’ve been following my DigiScrap Corner even just a little, surely by now you’ve figured that I really love Christmas. And since it’s the season, and Christmas is almost here, I thought, I’d throw out some more inspiration for you. Here are some Christmas pages I created earlier this year (from last Christmas) for a photobook project I did.   And here are some older pages from last Christmas …

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Tackling Your December Daily Project

  December 1st is at hand, and for many of us this means embarking on a new journey with the December Daily project. I started a huge hybrid album last year which isn’t anywhere near finished (and I don’t see myself finishing it this year as I’m far too busy with real life at the moment), so for this season, I decided to take a simpler approach. I’m creating a digital album.   Simplicity Is Key The goal for most of us is to keep things simple, and yet to create albums that we’ll enjoy looking at even years from now. I already started my 2011 project last week, and I’m quite pleased with the outcome. But before I started, I sat down and thought through a couple of things that now prove to be very helpful as I’m further into the project, and I thought I’d share some of these considerations with you … TIP NO. 1 | Choosing the Right Format Choosing a format for your project is one key to avoid having …