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Inspire Me: December Daily by labybird.ladybird

Inspiriere mich: Dezember Daily von labybird.ladybird Every year, I’m looking for new inspiration for my December Daily project. There are tons of samples out there on the www, so there’s always some new ideas coming in. This year, I’ve been especially inspired by one album that I found on flickr by labybird.ladybird. She has all her pages displayed, and I have great fun looking at them and getting new ideas … Jedes Jahr sehe ich mich nach neuer Inspiration für mein Dezember Daily Projekt um. Es gibt eine Menge von Beispielen im WWW, so dass ich ständig auf neue Ideen stoße. Dieses Jahr bin ich besonders von einem Album auf Flickr inspiriert (von labybird.ladybird). Sie zeigt alle ihre Seiten und es macht mir großen Spass, neue Ideen durch ihre Beispiele zu finden …

Inspire Me: catgoddess

Augenschmaus: catgoddess   If you are even anything like me, you’ll take every chance you can to get inspiration from some really amazing scrappers. One scrapper that has recently caught my eye  calls herself catgoddess in her galleries, and if you check out her pages you’ll find that she has some awesomely inspiring layouts in her gallery. So, hop on over to her gallery, and check out what she’s been creating. Maybe she’ll inspire one of your next pages …   Wenn du auch nur ein kleines bisschen wie ich bin, dann wirst du jede Chance nutzen, mehr Inspiration von wirklich herausragenden Scrappern zu finden. Eine dieser Scrapperinnen hat in letzter Zeit meine Aufmerksamkeit auf sich gezogen. In den Galerien nennt sie sich catgoddess, und wenn du dir mal ein paar ihrer Seiten in ihrer Galerie ansiehst, dann wirst du schnell erkennen, was für eine inspirierende Künstlerin sie ist. Also, warum nicht mal schnell in ihrer Galerie vorbeischauen, und mit eigenen Augen sehen, was sie so kreiert hat. Vielleicht inspiriert sie ja eine deiner nächsten …

Inspire Me: EllenT

I can never get enough inspiration. In fact, sometimes it’s a page I see that actually motivates me to get to scrapping again. Today, therefore, I’d like to introduce you to another great scrapper whose pages continue to inspire me: EllenT. Her gallery at is full of great layouts, and if you haven’t ever checked out her pages, I recommend you do so!  

Inspire Me: Kaiser Kraft Workshop

Are you looking for some more inspiration for your pages? Then I may have a link for you that may interest you. Kaiser Kraft, which is rather a big name in the paper scrapbooking world, also has much to offer for the digital scrapper – at least as far as inspiration goes. A while back I stumbled over their website which comes with a bunch of free magazines (of course, it’ll help their business, no doubt), but even for us digital scrappers there are lots of ideas and inspiration hidden in their pages. For example, they present lots of layouts and even a free sketch with every issue. Don’t miss out on some gorgeous inspiration and hop on over to check things out (if you haven’t done so yet!).

Inspire Me: Scrapbook & Cards Today

I’m always looking for more ideas and inspiration of things I can incorporate on one of my own pages. Fortunately, the www is so full of inspiration that there never seems to be an end to it. Today, I’d like to introduce you to another quite inspiring blog: Scrapbook & Cards Today. Over there, they’ve got tons of fun layouts, cards, and other projects for your scrapping needs, and you’re sure to find something to make your day happy and bright.

Inspire Me: ColorsConspiracy

Recently, I discovered a website that has some awesome, awesome inspiration going. ColorsConspiracy a bilingual site with articles posted in both French and English. And it features traditionally scrapped paper layouts. But that’s all the tradition you will get there, because generally speaking, the pages they feature are fun and fresh, artsy, and usually just simply gorgeous. If you need more convincing, why don’t you hop on over there to check the site out for yourself?

Inspire Me: You, Me & Crazy

Are you one of those people who keeps scouring the www, always in search for inspiration and new ideas to implement on your scrapbook pages? Well, I have a site that might inspire one of your future pages: You, Me & Crazy. Admitted, this site is maintained by a traditional paper scrapper, but still, Corrie’s layouts are intriguing and full of new, unique ideas. If you haven’t checked out the site, I recommend that you hop on over. Who knows … you might find a treasure, or two …  

Inspire Me: Wilnaf

Are you looking for another inspiring scrapper who creates beautiful pages and works with awesome designs? Well, today, I’d like to introduce you to another one such scrapper! Iheartblog aka Wilna Furstenberg She’s a gardengirl over at Two Peas, which means something, and her pages have a very light and whimsical touch. Don’t miss out on all the inspiration she has to offer on HER BLOG, you may get inspired, even for your own digital scrapbooking pages.