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Sweet Puffs

Admitted: they’re not really the healthiest kind of food. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t delicious, really. Puffs, or as they are called here: pao fu. (By the way, did you know that the genius thing about pal fus is that pao fu sounds exactly like “puff” when you only say the word quickly enough? So, to buy them is hardly a challenge at all, even if you speak no word Chinese, really.) But, of course, I like them more for their flavor than their name, because as you (can’t) see, these puffs are filled with a sweet cream inside, which is what makes them rather yummy in the first place.

Bake Sale No. XY

We love bake sales. Simply because they give us the pleasure of enjoying some of the comforts we’ve known from home. And tonight, it was one of these days again – one of these, rare, wonderful, and yummy occasions to join a long line of fellow teachers (and students) who are willing to indulge themselves for the sole purpose of supporting orphans in the area (which is the reason why these bake sales are organized in the first place). And what a wonderful reason it is to get a couple of extra sweet treats when you know it’s all for a good purpose and not really only to spoil yourself and put on a couple of extra pounds …

The Pancake Mystery

We solved a mystery the other day! The quest was: Why, after probably a year of not serving pancakes for breakfast at all, has our kitchen staff started to serve them again recently? As a matter of fact, they serve them every single day, these days! After lots of thinking and discussing with my colleagues, we’ve come to a conclusion. It’s because of the bread. Yes, that’s right! Because of the bread. You wonder how pancakes have to do with bread? Oh, sorry. I forgot to mention. Recently, the kitchen seems to have run out of bread, because there’s no more bread for us at any of the meals. And I guess they must be thinking that pancakes make a good substitution for bread. After all, they use flower and stuff for both bread and pancakes. So, now it’s waffles and pancakes for breakfast every day. Unless, of course, you prefer fried potatoes and fried something elses.

An Overdose of Fruit

You see, the thing with visiting people around here is that you’re always expected to bring presents. Usually, I’ve trained my students well, and despite their cultural background, they don’t bring something for me each time they visit me. These days, however, they found out that I’ve been sick. And when they came to visit me, every one of them brought a full bag of fruit – apples, pears, pomelo (2x), bananas (x2). And now I’m left to wonder: how am I ever going to eat all of it? It seems impossible, even when I’m healthy!

The Gingerbread Village

After last year’s success with our gingerbread house, I decided to give it a try again this year. Except that this year the stakes were a little higher. After all, last year I had been able to work with a ready-made kit – just putting the pieces together and decorating them. This year, I had to do it all from scratch. So I shaped everything, baked it, and by the time I was ready, my friends came to help decorating. And guess what! This year it actually turned into a whole gingerbread village! Because, aside from the big “mansion”, we also created a dozen tiny houses which we sprinkled with candy and coconut flakes. Whether it will be as delicious as it looks … we’ll see!

Special Treat: Dominosteine

All0w me to tell you about a special treat: Dominosteine. Yes, literally translated that means domino rocks – or more simply: what you may know as dominoes. But I assure you, they neither taste nor feel anything like a rock or one of those game chips. Really. Where I come from, it’s a very common Christmas treat, but where I live now they have come to be a little treat from heaven. And now, let me tell you why. You see, they are cube of chocolate covered pastry. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, let me assure you: me and chocolate are very best friends! Anyhow, you take a bite of this little rock, and you realize it’s actually soft and juicy. And when you take a look, you’ll find that inside this little rock there are three layers: one of soft gingerbread, one of marzipan, and a thin layer of jelly. The perfect combination for a yummy Christmas treat on a cold winter’s day. Off to enjoy some more Dominosteine.

Secrets from the Advent Calendar

You may remember my advent calendar, which I filled with lots of goodies that I brought from Germany with me for this specific purpose. (And I assure you, Germany has some good chocolate stuff out there. Maybe not as good as the famed Swiss chocolate, granted, but good, still!) Anyhow, today, I thought I’d allow you a peak into what I found in my advent calendar today: A bar of yoghurt chocolate A square of the small-sized Ritter chocolate A caramel chocolate candy And a ball of chocolate with a creamy milk filling Now, I don’t know about you, but that’s a piece of paradise right here for me …

Christmas Bake Sale 2012

Oh what fun it is to … have yummy American treats during the Christmas season! Well, you may think there’s nothing special about bake sales in December. But I can tell you, for those of us who don’t really have any alternative to yummy Christmas treats, having a bake sale in December is a highly anticipated, and well received event. In fact, those bake sales are getting so popular that it’s rather a challenge to stand in that never ending line and hope that once it’s your turn there’s going to be at least a few treats left. I did manage to get a couple of yummy treats after making it through that long line, and now I’m left to deal with the sugar overdose that is to follow inevitably … Off to enjoy some yumminess!

Food Corner: After the Feast

Usually, in my food corner, I like to share some food samples of what we get to eat sometimes. Today, however, I thought I’d share with you a usual after-dinner aftermath! See, most western people eating with chop sticks think they need to leave their places all clean and tidy to meet with proper etiquette. Here, however, the more common approach to eating together will make the place of dining look more like what you see in the picture above – a battle field. Dropping your food matters just as little as throwing left-overs on the ground, or arranging them around your plate (if you happen to have one, which here we didn’t have our own plates). It may not be proper etiquette (even here) but it still works most of the time!