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Baked Apple with {homemade} Caramel Sauce

Leckere Bratäpfel mit {selbstgemachter} Karamelsoße Someone brought me a bunch of apples, and so I thought, I should do something fun with them. And the first idea that came to my mind was baked apples. But I wanted more than just the classic baked apples (though those are yummy enough, I grant). So, I went on a (Pinterest) search, for some inspiration and then made my own, super yummy version of it. Jemand hat mir letzte Woche Äpfel dagelassen, und da wollte ich mir was für einfallen lassen. Mein erster Gedanke waren Bratäpfel, aber ich wollte etwas Besseres als die klassische Variante (obwohl die ja auch schon sehr lecker ist). Also bin ich auf (Pinterest-)Suche gegangen, habe mich da inspirieren lassen, und dann meine eigene leckere Variante kreiert.               I started with the recipe I found HERE. But then I gave it my own little twist. Angefangen habe ich mit dem Rezept, das ich HIER gefunden habe. Und dann habe ich dem ganzen meine eigene Note gegeben.     …

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Fall Bake Sale 2016

Herbst Leckereien We had another bake sale today. As usual that meant: lots of yummy goodness, and far too much money spent on sweet treats and stuff. But of course, it’s all for a good purpose, so I might as well indulge myself just a little. Wir hatten mal wieder einen herbstlichen Backwarenverkauf. Wie immer heißt das: Viele Leckereien und viel zu viel Geld, das den Besitzer wechselt. Aber natürlich ist es alles für einen guten Zweck, und da darf man dann auch mal ein bisschen über die Strenge schlagen.              

Dining Hall Specials: Strawberry Shortcake

Cafeteria Spezial: Erdbeerschnitten   These days our chef has been spoiling us a little here and there. Like the strawberry shortcake that was offered. Of course, everyone is so excited that chef doesn’t just place it on the buffet with other foods. Rather, he has the staff hand out these things clearly rationed, meaning you really only get one portion of shortcake. For me, that’s enough, though, and I’m really happy about the treat anyway. Unser Koch verwöhnt uns derzeit ein bisschen. Wie z.B. mit den Erdbeerschnitten. Natürlich ist jeder ganz heiß darauf, sodass Koch sie nicht einfach am Buffet anbietet, wie das restliche Essen, sondern er hat das Personal angewiesen sie klar zu rationieren. Mit anderen Worten: Dir steht nur eine Portion Erdbeerschnitten zu. Sonst nichts. Mir reicht es aber, und dankbar bin ich allemal.              

Tarte Flambee to Our Hearts’ Content

Flammkuchen nach Herzenslust   May I recommend? La Flamme – a restaurant that specializes in tarte flambees. My aunt and uncle invited me there the other day. And besides offering all kinds of different tarte flambees (which in my eyes is special enough already), that restaurant topped it all with a very special offer – an all-you-can-eat special service, meaning: If all people at your table agree, you can order two tarte flambees of your choice each round, and as long as you finish both tartes, you can order two more. All at a flat rate. And that’s what we did. We ate tarte flambees until our stomachs couldn’t handle any more! Yum! Darf ich empfehlen? La Flamme – ein Flammkuchenrestaurant. Tante und Onkel luden mich kürzlich dorthin ein. Und neben dem allgemeinen Angebot von Flammkuchen aller Art (was ich schon besonders genug fand), setzte dieses Restaurant noch einen obendrauf, indem sie einen all-you-can-eat service anbieten, was heißt: Wenn alle Leute an einem Tisch mitmachen, kann man pro Runde zwei Flammkuchen seiner Wahl bestellen. Und …

Party with a Chocolate Fountain

Party mit einem Schokoladenbrunnen     We got a special treat today: for a little youth gathering my sister pulled out their chocolate fountain. And for any chocolate lover like me that’s like being in paradise. Chocolate was so abundant that not only our appetites got satiated but so did our clothes, the table and pretty much everything else as well. Wir wurden heute besonders verwöhnt: für ein kleines Jugendtreffen hat meine Schwester ihren Schokoladenbrunnen aufgebaut. Und für jeden, der Schokolade so mag wie ich, ist das wie ein Tag im Paradies. Schokolade war in solchem Überfluss da, dass nicht nur unsere Mägen mehr als genug abbekamen, sondern gleich auch noch unsere Klamotten, der Tisch und so ziemlich alles andere auch.            

Apple Roses

Apfel Rosen   Remember that bake sale a couple of days ago? Well, me not being really good at food things, I dared – for the first time – to actually contribute more than just my money to the sale. I made apple roses. Apple roses with lots of hurdles, that is. First, them not being a very common thing around here, I didn’t have any cupcake wrappers to start with. Then, of course, I didn’t have any crescent dough (which is what the recipe called for). And ultimately, I don’t have anything to slice things into really thin slices. Not withstanding all these obstacles, since the rest of this endeavor seemed somewhat foolproof, I set out on the daring adventure of creating apple roses. From my colleagues and friends I gathered the missing pieces, and from the internet I found myself an apple pie recipe to replace for the crescent dough stuff. All good so far. Except that with the recipe I got, the dough turned out to be very runny. Which is all …

The Wedding Aftermath

Das Hochzeitsnachspiel   You know that I went to a wedding yesterday, right? So, the one thing that I usually don’t care much about when it comes to local weddings is the food. It’s too meaty for a veggie lover like myself. But then, what I do like about weddings here are the snacks that you get to take home after the wedding. I’ve had some really good stuff in the past, and this wedding being no different. Actually, this time, we all got something that is high on my list of favorite yumminesses: Ferrero Rocher. They’re usually so expensive here that I never buy them. But when I grabbed the little gift box waiting for the guests on our way out, and when I opened it to peak inside, I thought: Jackpot! This has been the best little wedding snack I’ve had so far (aside from maybe the Hershey’s chocolate stuff we had en masse during another wedding a couple of years ago). Ihr wisst ja, dass ich gestern auf einer Hochzeit war, nicht? …

Chocolate Cake Delights

I got a little treat today. Or should I say, a rather large treat? (Because as a matter of fact, it was so huge, that I had to share part of it with someone else.) If anything, it was a rich treat. A chocolate-rich chocolate cake – more something like mousse au chocolat. Definitely on the delicious side of things, and definitely a treat. But before you start complaining about how I can share such delicious things on my blog without giving you a chance to really share in it, keep in mind that this is my last good treat in a while. Soon, I’ll turn my back on good ol’ Germany again, and then such treats will be something I relish in my memories for quite a while …  

The Birthday Cake And Other Pleasures

I had myself a birthday cake today. Of course, it goes without saying that the birthday came along with it. And so, aside from eating strawberry chocolate cake, I had a lot of fun going for a walk on campus with one of my friends in the morning, playing table tennis with some other friends in the afternoon, and having a little celebration with some more friends at night, a celebration which even included a dancing performance a la “If I were a wealthy man” (as seen in the “The Fiddler on the Roof”), which my friends were kind enough to put on just for the sake of my amusement, and theirs along with it, of course!   And in case you need more convincing data that today, in fact, was actually a lot of fun, here you go:  

Feasting Chinese Style

Undoubtedly, you will know many ways of how to conduct a real feast. We for our part have discovered a great way of feasting ourselves in recent months. Instead of going to a restaurant together, we’ve started taking out food from the various restaurants around campus, and I can guarantee you: there’s always loads to eat when we come together this way, and every bit of it is delicious. Or almost every bit, because I have not yet found the courage to try the chicken hearts some of my colleagues are very fond of. But fortunately, there’s usually such a great assortment of noodle and other dishes, that I’ll gladly leave the chicken hearts to my friends!