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April’s Fools

I’m a happy girl. Because for once, I made it through April’s Fools day without being on the fooled side of things! Yes, Fool’s Day is practiced in China, which I come to realize anew every year. But while there certainly was potential to get fooled yesterday, this year I was prepared. For anything. So, when one of my dear friends sent me an urgent text message yesterday, saying that so and so was trying to tell me that such and so was trying to get a hold of me, because he needed to discuss something important with me, had tried to call me, and hadn’t been able to get through, I was on my guard. It could’ve been true, but the message just as well sounded like a hoax. So, I carried my cell phone to class with me to have my students vote on whether it was a trick or not, and they all voted with one voice, which saved me some later embarrassment and gave us something to be amused about. And …

Thanksgiving – Round 2

So, every year there is this competition going on for Thanksgiving: The department for the international affairs of our school organizes the big official dinner for the foreign faculty (I posted about that yesterday), but the staff of our international housing also wants to offer a nice dinner for us. It sometimes causes quite some confusion around here, as we often don’t really know what’s going on until the last minute! The options between the two always seem endless, like … Options: Lunch (international department) & dinner (international housing), both on Thursday (which would mean a lot of eating in one day – not a good option) Vice versa (also not good) Lunch (international department) Thursday, dinner (international housing) Friday (possible option) Vice versa (same) Dinners both Thursday & Friday (not a good option, as some of the faculty always travels over the holidays and would miss all the good meals) Lunch Thursday & Friday (kinda weird to have the big Thanksgiving meal at 12:00 noon, and then two days in a row) Anything else …

Thanksgiving Special

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I know, it’s not Thanksgiving for all of you reading my blog, neither is it actually Thanksgiving here in China (though I do get a lot of messages from my Chinese friends wishing me a happy Thanksgiving). But living in an American community, I get to celebrate this holiday and experience all the good things that come with it. I get a day off school, which makes me and my students really happy! I got to see my first ever American Football game live today, as some of my American colleagues try to continue their holiday traditions and organize a football match (the so-called “Turkey-Bowl”). I got to enjoy one of the biggest meals of the year, including a real turkey (that is making me quite sleepy right now). So, yes, there are many reasons why to be thankful for a day like today! Check out the Photo Gallery for some pics of today’s events.

"Plane Watching"

Around Town: To the Airport

You know how people like to do bird watching? Well, we decided to do the same. Only a little more sophisticated. Ours is called “plane watching”! So, yesterday we grabbed our bikes and went for a ride … to the airport. It takes about 1 1/2 hours to get there, and first, the guys wanted to go explore the terminal. Most of them have never been on a plane, so just going to the terminal was already quite the excitement. But the real excitement came, when my friend E. and I could convince them to go to the end of the runway to watch the planes. That area is actually quite walled off, but right at the runway where the planes touch ground there is a small area with only a fence. We found that little spot (right in the “backyard” of some farmer’s land) and that’s where we settled in for “plane watching”. We were lucky to be there at “rush hour”, so the planes kept coming in. I let my friend E. play …

International Day

It was the grand finale! International Day – the last day of Culture Week – was celebrated with a great show. Dances, acrobatic and athletic acts, songs – the festival of cultures in all its diversity. We had dancers from India, Kirgistan, America, China, of course, and other places of the world. Even the little kids of the foreign faculty performed a little dance and won the heart of the audience in an instance. I loved the skater’s act – which well represents the diversity of our school. The fire acrobat’s performance was quite a hot act, and maybe the most impressive part was the performance of what I’d call the “vase dancer.” Someone was balancing heavy china vases all over his body and we were catching our breaths, always fearing the vases might drop and shatter into thousands of pieces. But he finished his performance without any accident, leaving us quite stunned at his ability. Of course, being in China, Kong Fu has to be part of every good show, so we got to …

Digital Scrapbook Day

Featuring Libby Weifenbach’s “Apples on a Stick,” “PaperClips – Backgrounds,” and “Paper Clips – Painted Alpha Templates,” as well as Darcy Baldwin’s “DJB Woke Up Late” & “DJB Worn At The Knees” fonts. Everything is available at the Sweetshoppe. Also, it’s that special time of the year again! Don’t forget to check out the digiscrap stores on the web. It’s Digital Scrapbook Day, and most stores offer sales and special promotions!