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Freebie Friday: Holly & Pine – Bonus

Freebie Freitag: Holly & Pine – Bonus   Merry Christmas! At least it’s still Christmas where I am, and I’ve been busy celebrating these last few days. If you’re somewhere where Christmas is already over, I hope you had a great time. At any rate, as Christmas for me isn’t over yet, I’ll quickly get to the point – here’s the final part of this year’s Christmas collection Holly & Pine. Please respect my Terms of Use. And check back soon to see what’s coming next. Frohe Weihnachten allerseits. Da Weihnachten bei uns ja noch nicht vorbei ist und wir noch fleissig am Feiern sind, möchte ich schnell zur Sache kommen: Hier ist der letzte Teil der Weihnachtskollektion Holly & Pine. Bitte achten sie auf meine Nutzungsrechte. Und seht bald mal wieder vorbei, um zu sehen, was es hier als nächstes gibt. Click on image to download / Zum Downloaden aufs Bild klicken Don’t forget to pick up the other parts of this collection.  Und vergesst nicht, die anderen Teile dieser Kollektion einzusammeln.


Freebie Freitag: Holly & Pine – Part 7

Freebie Freitag: Holly & Pine – Teil 7   Alright, alright, I’m late with this post. But there was just too much going on in real life these days, and at any rate, I had posted the links to this part of the collection a couple of days ago. At any rate, here they are officially, and the only thing left in this collection is the bonus part. So, don’t miss out on that. But before you download this part, please keep in mind my Terms of Use. You’re not allowed to share, direct-link, redistribute, repackage, or make available in any other way any part of this entire collection. And now have fun with this. Also gut, also gut, ich bin spät dran mit diesem Artikel. Aber dieser Tage war soviel bei mir los und immerhin hatte ich den Link zu diesem Teil der Kollektion ja schon vor ein paar Tagen mit euch geteilt. Hier ist er offiziell, und das einzige, was von dieser Kollektion noch bleibt ist der Bonus. Also, vergesst nicht, euch den …


Freebie Friday: Holly & Pine – Part 6

Freebie Freitag: Holly & Pine – Teil 6 Friends, it’s that time of the week again, that time some of you have impatiently been waiting for. Now, I’m really kind of torn about what to share next with you, because some of you probably want to use this kit for their December Daily, and then it would be really great for you to have the labels and word bits. At the same time, there really are some fun elements still waiting for you in the second part of the ellies pack, so which way to go? I guess, since I said so a couple of weeks ago, it’ll have to be the ellies first. But, maybe, if you’re all good and nice and not naughty, I might get convinced to post the labels and word bits a bit sooner than next Friday. What do you think? Freunde, es ist mal wieder die Zeit, auf die einige von euch jede Woche so ungeduldig warten. Allerdings bin ich mir nicht eins, was ich als nächstes mit euch …


Freebie Freitag: Holly & Pine – Part 5

Freebie Freitag: Holly & Pine – Teil 5   We’re moving swiftly on, and this week you get to collect the first part of the elements. Before you download, though, please take a moment to read and make yourself familiar with my Terms of Use. These only allow a personal use of all the products you download from mistyhilltops.com. Commercial use, sharing files, sharing the links to the files (direct-linking), selling or redistributing, etc. in any other way is strictly forbidden. (Pointing people to mistyhilltops.com and specific posts on this blog is allowed and encouraged.) And now, it’s still time for you to get the Pocket Love: Photo Pocket {small} Collection. Participation is really easy: Simply share a link to mistyhilltops.com or this blog post on Pinterest, your blog or your social media, leave a comment here with a link to your post, and I’ll email you the links to the entire collection, which now consists of 8 volumes (48 pockets altogether). You can see the photo pockets in action (original size) in my weekly …


Freebie Friday: Holly & Pine – Part 4 and a Giveaway

Freebie Freitag: Holly & Pine – Teil 4 und eine Zugabe It’s the most important part of the week: The Freebie Friday part and today will be exciting for all those Project Life memory keepers among you: The Pocket Love cards. As the previous PL cards have been downloaded hundreds of times, I’m expecting this one to be no different, so have fun playing with them. (And go ahead and pin, twitter, talk about this on your blog and social media, so more people can come here and pick up this freebie, too. I’m sure they’d appreciate finding out about this.) And if you’re new to mistyhilltops.com, don’t forget to collect the other parts of this entire collection, or the other freebies for that matter. There’s also two Christmas kits that I created in previous years, and they’re still really popular downloads, too. So, you might want to check them out as well. Just search for “December Stories” or “A Cozy Christmas” and you’ll find all the downloads. Now, before we move on to the …


Freebie Friday: Holly & Pine – Part 3

Freebie Freitag: Holly & Pine – Teil 3   Yippieee! The weekend is here and that means it’s time for the next part of the Christmas collection “Holly & Pine.” Today you’ll get the second part of the papers. Before you proceed with the download, though, please read my Terms of Use first. In short, you’re asked not to share, sell, redistribute, direct-link, make available, or in any other way use my designs (no commercial use). This includes that you’re not allowed to upload any parts of this or other freebies by Misty Hilltops Designs to any other website for others to download. You may download products by Misty Hilltops Designs for personal use only. You can find my full TOUs HERE. If you can’t accept these terms, please refrain from downloading any of my products. Feel free to tell your friends and blog readers about my freebies (so more people can enjoy them) and point them to this website. If you’ve missed my previous freebies, they’re still available for download (that includes more Christmas …


Freebie Friday: Holly & Pine – Part 2

Freebie Freitag: Holly & Pine – Teil 2  Hey friends, sorry for being so late. But this was a weekend of ups and downs. First of all, I did feel pretty discouraged after what I’d found last week (someone’s sharing my designs elsewhere – read about it HERE). Then I was quite busy trying to get going on my Christmas cards this year (I mean, I’ve been working on the cutting files for quite a while now, but I decided it’s finally time to start printing, cutting and assembling – as well as all the sewing, drawing and creasing that comes with it). And then we had a pretty challenging weekend overall, as the electricity has been on and off in our building all weekend (which means blackouts for extended hours), and with that there was little chance to do anything on the internet. But now I really want to get going on the second part of this collection. So here are the first part of the papers. Hope you like it, and PLEASE DO …


Freebie Friday: Holly & Pine – Part 1

Freebie Freitag: Holly & Pine – Teil 1   Ok. This week I’m really excited because it’s time to start sharing a new freebie collection with you. And I spent pretty much every spare minute of this week to work on it (I don’t think I ever spent more time on any of my previous kits). But: I love how it turned out, love some of the patterns I managed to create for the papers, and I love how big this collection is. Yet another record: I’ve never added more items to any of my other collections. But then I thought: It’s a Christmas collection! Not only is Christmas my favorite time of year, but it’s also the time of gift giving and generosity. So, because it’s Christmas (or soon will be) you’ll get a bigger and better freebie collection than ever before. (And because I had so much fun working on it and so many ideas of what I wanted to include that it was hard for me to stop!) But before I keep …


Document Christmas 2014 – Week 3 Recap & a Little Freebie

Weihnachtsalbum 2014 – 3. Wochenrückblick & ein Freebie   Time flies, and so the 3. week of my Christmas season has passed. Want to take a look of what’s been happening? Here are my Document Christmas 2014 pages for this last week. Wie die Zeit rast! Jetzt liegt auch schon die 3. Woche der Weihnachtszeit fast hinter mir. Möchtet ihr mal schau’n, was bei mir so los war? Hier sind die Seiten meines Weihnachtsalbums für diese Woche.                 And in case you’d like to do a similar album (it doesn’t have to be about every day of December or your Christmas season, it may just be about a your faves, or a couple of your favorite days), I might have just the right thing for you to help you get started. I’m going to share with you my foundation page template (a Photoshop file). It contains all the different layout formats that I’ve used over the last couple of years. The template comes layered and with 5 different …

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Document Christmas 2016 – Week 3 Recap

Mein Weihnachtsalbum 2016 – Wochenrückblick #3 The season seems to be flying by. What with something fun and Christmas-y to do every day, there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day for all that’s going on. But with the foundation template I’ve been using, working on my Christmas album this year really is super easy, and I can stay focused on what matters most: enjoying the season. Take a look at what was going on this past week (Images are linked for product info): Die Weihnachtszeit vergeht einfach wie im Flug. Und es gibt so viel weihnachtliches für mich zu tun, dass die Zeit vorne und hinten nicht reicht. Aber mit der Vorlage, die ich mir erstellt habe (und auch euch zur Verfügung gestellt habe), ist die Arbeit an meinem Weihnachtsalbum dieses Jahr wirklich nicht viel und ich kann mich ganz auf das eigentliche konzentrieren: die Weihnachtszeit zu genießen. Hier ein Blick auf das, was letzte Woche los war Bilder sind zu Produktinfo verlinkt):