Day: January 4, 2017

170102 winterwoods

On (Frozen) Pond and Other Winter Tales

Vom gefrorenen Weiher und andere Wintermärchen Winter is starting to take shape. So, dear sister offered to take us to a nearby pond for some ice skating. Her colleagues told her they’d been there, done that. So, we quickly go rummaging through dear sisters extensive winter sport equipment to dig up a couple of ice skates for us to use, and off we go to said pond. Except that when we arrive, we find the pond having a huge hole in the middle of the ice – not quite as frozen as we thought. And I guess, here shows that we really have done our bit of growing up. Because instead of blowing all concerns to the wind, bracing the danger, and putting our plans into action, we do what all reasonable ladies should do: we decide to skip ice skating and go into town for some shopping. Now, that’s how things are supposed to be, aren’t they? Der Winter nimmt langsam Gestalt an. Also hat Schwester uns angeboten, einen Ausflug zum Weiher mit uns zu machen, …