Behind the Scenes: The Rule of Thirds

One of the most basic rules for photography is the Rule of Thirds. It works quite simple, but can improve your image dramatically, when it comes to proper balance in your composition. The Rule of Thirds also can be applied generally in graphic  design, which makes it quite a useful guideline for us scrappers as well. Now, keep in mind that when I use the terms, “rule” and “guideline” it doesn’t mean these rules are set in stone. Maybe the most important rule in graphic design is that “rules are meant to be broken!” So, when talking about the Rule of Thirds today, I’m not saying all your pages have to abide by this guideline from this day forward. It is meant as a tool, helping you to get better results when taking a photo, or putting your page together. But you may just as well ignore this rule, and still create a great scrapbook layout! Still, as it is a rather useful tool, in our tutorial today, we are going to look at How … Continue reading Behind the Scenes: The Rule of Thirds