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Misty hilltops, scorched landscapes, vast plains and teeming metropolises – all this is China. An empire of contrasts, holding on to its old traditions while rapidly moving forward with the age of modernization. And here I am: finding myself in the midst of this melting pot of ancient cultures mixed with all the challenges of modern civilization. As I share my life and experiences with these precious people of China, I find that beyond those misty hills there is much more to discover …

MistyHilltops.com is meant to inform – mainly to inform my friends and family about what life for me in China is like. I want it to serve as a platform to give insight into my own life as well as different parts and aspects of the Chinese culture. In telling my story and sharing my experiences here, my wish is to create a greater understanding and respect for the people of China and I dare to hope that among my readers I can stir up a desire to learn more about what is happening beyond those misty hilltops …


With Heart and Soul:
Dedicated to the People of China

Give a man a fish and feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and you feed him a lifetime.
Chinese Proverb

All my life I dreamed of becoming a teacher; to teach young people how to speak English. When I first set foot on Chinese soil in 2001 though, I never thought that one day I would be returning, heading for just that: teaching young Chinese, helping them to improve their spoken English. Now I am an Oral English teacher at a university in the heart of China. I enjoy interacting with the students, spending time with them in and outside the classroom. There is lots to learn. But not only for them. Being planted in a culture and society so different from the one I grew up with, I find myself being the one who has become the student: A student of the language, history, heritage and mindset of the Chinese People – a nation so diverse, so unique, so fascinating, that it will take a lifetime to learn and discover who these people really are – and what they are meant to be …

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