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Document Christmas 2016 (December Daily)

Dokumentiere Weihnachten 2016 (December Daily)   Okay. You got me! I did it again. Guilty as charged. I just couldn’t help myself. The other day, I was looking through some December Daily inspiration on the www, because I’ve been giving more thought to my own project this year. And I know, I know, in my post last week, I said I was going to go with what I already had. But then, it happened. I started getting creative again. And before I knew it, I’d whipped up another template set that – big surprise! – I’m going to share here with you. Not only that, but I’m not going to wait for Friday and my freebie post. I’m going to share it with you right now. Why? Because I have way too many freebies lined up for the upcoming weeks that I want to share with you (some super fun Christmas alphas included), and I don’t want you to wait for that stuff forever, or worse – until the season is over. And anyway, it’s the …

template, freebie, Misty Hilltops Designs

Freebie Friday: Template Collection No. 1

Freebie Freitag: Template Kollektion Nr. 1   Can you tell? I’m definitely catching up here in my little corner of the www. Only a couple of days to go to be up-to-date again. Meanwhile, I have an oldie but goodie for you. When I first started the Freebie Friday, I did a lot of templates. I uploaded them all to my own server. That, however, gave me some trouble after a while, because we ended up having more traffic than we were allowed to have. So, I had to delete all products from my server and began using mediafire, from which for the last couple of years you’ve been able to download all my goodies. I never went back, however, to re-upload those older templates and update those posts. Over the years, however, I got quite a number of requests about those older templates. So, a couple of weeks ago I decided to go back and upload the templates one by one, trying to do one each day so it doesn’t overwhelm me, but so …


Document Christmas 2014 – Week 3 Recap & a Little Freebie

Weihnachtsalbum 2014 – 3. Wochenrückblick & ein Freebie   Time flies, and so the 3. week of my Christmas season has passed. Want to take a look of what’s been happening? Here are my Document Christmas 2014 pages for this last week. Wie die Zeit rast! Jetzt liegt auch schon die 3. Woche der Weihnachtszeit fast hinter mir. Möchtet ihr mal schau’n, was bei mir so los war? Hier sind die Seiten meines Weihnachtsalbums für diese Woche.                 And in case you’d like to do a similar album (it doesn’t have to be about every day of December or your Christmas season, it may just be about a your faves, or a couple of your favorite days), I might have just the right thing for you to help you get started. I’m going to share with you my foundation page template (a Photoshop file). It contains all the different layout formats that I’ve used over the last couple of years. The template comes layered and with 5 different …


Enable Me: Free Paper Leaf Template

Inspiration am Mittwoch: Kostenlose Vorlagen für Papierblätter   At least where I live, autumn is slowly moving in. And even if it wasn’t, next to the other three seasons it’s such a favorite season of mine that I’d make my environment look like fall. One easy way to do so is by using these awesome paper-leaf templates to cut out your own leaves – either on patterned paper or on colored card stock. Check out the website Plain Jane, where you can download these templates and she even has a cool use for her leaves which she shows there as well. Zumindest wo ich lebe zieht der Herbst so ganz langsam ein. Und wenn er nicht käme, dann würde ich es mir herbstlich machen, denn der Herbst ist neben den anderen dreien eine meiner liebsten Jahreszeiten. Eine sehr einfacher Weise, es euch ein wenig herbstlich zu machen, ist wenn ihr diese Papierblätter Vorlage verwendet, um Blätter auszuschneiden – entweder aus gemustertem Papier oder aus Tonkarton. Schaut euch mal die Webseite Plain Jane an, wo ihr …


Enable Me: Templates by Sara Gleason

Fundgrube am Mittwoch: Scrapvorlagen von Sara Gleason   So, if you know anything about my scrapping style, you know that I totally dig white space layouts, that is layouts that have one main cluster and not much else. And one of my favorite white space scrappers would be Sara Gleason, who is also an awesome template designer. Her templates and designs inspire me constantly. And here’s the good news: If you go to Sara’s website, you can find a ton of free templates right there, ready to download. Go check it out and have fun scrapping with her templates!   Also, wenn ihr auch nur ein bisschen über meinen Scrapstil Bescheid wisst, dann wisst ihr auch, dass ich liebend gerne mit viel Freifläche arbeite. D.h. ich arrangiere meine Komposition auf einer kleinen Fläche, und der Rest des Layouts bleibt leer. Und eine meiner liebsten Freiflächen Scrapperinnen ist Sara Gleason, die dazu auch noch eine begnadete Vorlagen Designerin ist. Ihre Vorlagen (Template) und Designs inspirieren mich am laufenden Band. Und hier ist die gute Nachricht: Wenn …


Freebie Friday: Autumn Word Art – Silhouette Project

Die-cutters, take heed! It’s Friday, and I have a something little special to share with you today. If you’re a proud owner of a Silhouette machine, this one’s for you! It’s a little piece of word art that would make a nice decoration for your home … What you’ll get in this freebie is a Silhouette Studio file. The words will be a little larger than you see in the Silhouette Studio preview, to fit my large frame, but you can easily resize it to meet your needs. I just used colored card stock to cut out the individual words, but you could also just print and cut. (If you print and cut, my recommendation is to offset each letter (spread the letters and words out a little more, creating more than one page) and fill that extra little bleeding space with the same color as the word. It’ll prevent to have white edges where the machine may not cut exactly at the edge of the printed character. After cutting, I adhered everything on an …


Freebie Friday: Autumn Card #1

I’m excited that after several months of not sharing any freebie with you, I finally get to post my latest template. It’s a simple one, and it’s a template for a card based on one of my  hybrid projects. It actually took me forever to upload because my file host acted up on me, but here it finally is! Enjoy, and as always: Happy Friday, scrappers! Note: Please do not re-distribute this template in any way (you may share the link to this post), and when you use this template, please make sure to credit it to Misty Hilltops Designs.

Comes in a layered psd file. Simply click on the image to download.

Freebie Friday: Cuties

Yay, it’s Friday again, and I thought I’d turn my page “Cuties” into a template for you. Comes in a layered psd file. Simply click on the image to download. And if you haven’t checked my little digiscrap-corner in a while, you also might want to check out the last three templates that I posted. They’re still available for download a little longer, so make sure to pick them up, before they’re gone. Also, don’t forget to link us up with your finished pages to show us how you’re using these templates. And as always, all I’m left to say is: Happy Friday, scrappers! Note: Please do not re-distribute this template in any way (you may share the link to this post), and when you use this template, please make sure to credit it to Misty Hilltops Designs.


Freebie Friday: Old

Can you tell that I’m working hard at getting caught up on my blogging again? This also means, I managed to get you my latest template, based on my recent layout “Days of Old.” I hope you’ll have fun with this one. And since I’ve been playing catch-up these last couple of days (internet the week before was just really really lazy), I just wanted to point out the last two templates I posted as well. If you haven’t picked these templates up yet, make sure you do so before their links expire. Now, all I’m left to do is invite you to share links to your finished pages with us here, and finally, Happy Friday, scrappers!   PS. For those freebie lovers among you, don’t forget to check the new freebie section over at SSD. Some freebies have been switched out already with new ones. Just sayin’ … Note: Please do not re-distribute this template in any way (you may share the link to this post), and when you use this template, please make …


Freebie Friday: Winter

It’s happy hour in my little scrap corner again, and today, I got you this quite elaborate template. It’s based on my page “Winter Wishes.” Make sure you pick it up, before the link expires, and I hope you’ll have fun with this template. Also, if you’ve missed last week’s template, you can still download it as well. As always, I’m quite curious to see what you guys create with these templates, and I’m always happy, if you link us up with your finished pages. That’s it from me today. Happy Friday, scrappers! Note: Please do not re-distribute this template in any way (you may share the link to this post), and when you use this template, please make sure to credit it to Misty Hilltops Designs.