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Autumn All Around

Rundum Herbst I wanted to quickly stop by and share a little more of the autumn pictures I took the other day. Definitely enjoying the season this year. Will nur kurz hier vorbeischauen und ein paar weitere Herbstbilder mit euch teilen. Genieße diesen Herbst hier sehr.

Gardens and Winter Afternoons

Von Gärten und Winternachmittagen My sister and I wanted to go on a little photo shoot. For that, however, we wanted a nice little backdrop. While there are many beautiful places within an hour or two hour driving range, we didn’t have enough time to go somewhere far before the sun went down. When looking into things to see, if there was some nice place closer by, we discovered that mere minutes from our home, there’s a castle with a garden that’s considered unique and a great sight in the region. So, we set out to find the famed garden, and lo and behold, our expectations were exceeded and we spent a nice hour in the sunset of a late winter afternoon. Meine Schwester und ich wollten auf eine kleine Fototour gehen. Dafür suchten wir allerdings noch nach einer geeigneten Umgebung. Während es zwar viele hübsche Ziele in einem 1-2 Stunden Radius gibt, hatten wir nicht genug Zeit, so weit zu fahren, bevor die Sonne unterging. Also befasste ich mich mit der Frage, gibt es …

Enable Me: Waterlogue App

Inspiration am Mittwoch: Waterlogue App   I have a rather unusual little gadget that I’d like to introduce to you today. An iphone app that I came across a couple of days ago when I was looking for a way to turn photos into realistic looking watercolor paintings. You may guess that I know my way around Photoshop somewhat well. But I haven’t yet been able to create a watercolor painting from a photo that looks realistic enough for me to be satisfied. With all my trying and tweaking, using filters and what not, the PS paintings still came out in a way that I thought it looked way too much like a photo turned into some kind of wanna-be art. Result: me = not happy! So, I did a search (hoping to maybe find a PS tutorial on how to create realistic watercolor projects), when I happened to stumble upon Waterlogue. It’s an app for your iphone or ipad (not sure, if an android version is available, too; you might want to check it …

Enable Me: The Coffeeshop Blog

If you’re anything like me than you’ll always like a good set of actions to edit your photos. On the www there’s a ton of stuff out, some of it useful, some of it not! Recently, however, I came across a blog that has a ton of free downloadable actions, a lot of which I find very useful. It’s The Coffeeshop Blog. If you’ve never heard of it before, you might want to check out that site, because it doesn’t only come with actions for photo editing, but also actions to create storyboards and a lot more! Curious? Go check it out.

Enable Me: Couture Collection

Well, friends, what can I say? My little sweetheart sister is the best! Not only is she a web designer in her own right, she also hooks me up with cool stuff regularly, and look where she pointed me just the other day: Couture Collection aka For all of you photography lovers, this is a place you don’t want to miss. This blog comes packed with free stuff for photographers – templates, storyboards, all sorts of things that help you showcase your photos. And who says you can’t use these things on a scrapbook page, too? Anyhow, don’t get distracted by the image above. The website has a lot more to offer, so why don’t you hop on over there to check out the place?