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Shivering Season

There are five season where I live: Spring, summer, autumn, winter, and – shivering season. No, that’s not Halloween, though I’m aware that that’s just around the corner. I’m no American, so quite frankly, I don’t understand why people like to scare each other and call that fun. In other words: I don’t like Halloween. But I also don’t like shivering season. That’s the season right in between when it gets cold and before the heaters are turned on here. This year, shivering season has come early, and it looks like I’ll have to be shivering for at least two more weeks until the heaters slowly will begin to do their jobs to warm our homes and our hearts. Looks like it’s time for me to renew my friendship with lil’ Mr. Electric Space Heater. He’ll keep me company I’m sure until that glorious day arrives that we all are looking forward to, and this year it was announced to be one day earlier than usual: November 14th! Still keeping up with the photography challenge, …


Piece of Evidence

There is a German idiom, which literally translated says “to have a stone in someone’s board,” and which means to be in someone’s good books. I didn’t have a stone in someone’s board this morning, but I did have a stone in my breakfast; that is in my breakfast cereals. I guess that would mean I fell out of someone’s favor? Anyways, here’s the evidence: The truth is, I didn’t just have one stone; I actually had two! I must be in pretty serious trouble then, am I not – getting rocks thrown at me in the morning already? Well, it all started with this one little rock. It felt quite unpleasant to unexpectedly bite on something so hard that it almost hurt. But after I found the stone and got rid of it, I didn’t think much of it. After all, this time, I didn’t lose part of my tooth, like a couple of years ago when there was a pretty decent sized stone in the salad that I had gotten in our dining …


What the Midterm Exam Has to Do With Tennis

I’m sure, most students hate midterm’s week. After all, they are being tested. I, however, like the time of midterm exam. Not because I get to give the exam (the freshman exams usually are later than everyone else’s since their classes started late, due to their military training in September). I like midterm’s week, because it means I get to play tennis a little more. All the students who would have tennis class, have to take their exams, which consist of running around the track. So, the tennis courts are open for whoever wants to play, and one of those people enjoying that extra time of tennis would be me! Photo Challenge Day 27: From a Distance


What About the Animals?

  Photo Challenge Day 24: Animal Did you see it? I actually managed to capture an animal for today’s challenge! You only need to look hard enough to see it! Believe it or not, the animal challenge was actually one that I was a little concerned about – not only do I not own a pet any longer after parting with my turtle – there’s actually hardly any animals around at all; except for a couple of stray cats living at the entrance to the foreign faculty apartments. But, alas, these cats can be quite undependable when needed for a photo shooting! So, I did feel very successful when I discovered that little ant crossing my path the other day, and I immediately knew I could not let that chance slip! Ergo: An “anty” animal photo. Now, did you know that the part of China where I live actually has hardly any wildlife at all? If I’m lucky, I get to see a bird fly by occasionally (and bats, too, for that matter; and bugs, …


Photo Challenge Day 23: Sunflare

I knew that chances are very dim for me to get a sunny day today, so in a bout of wise foreseeing, I took a sunflare picture the other day, when we were actually having blue skies and lots of sun. And I was right – the rain is pouring down today, but here’s my sunflare sample.


Saturday Feature: And the Hot Water Heater …

One of the first things I learned to appreciate when coming to China was having a hot water heater. See, the problem is, where I live, we only get warm water twice a day through the regular way. That is, when you finish your shower before 8 am in the morning (good-bye sleep-in weekends), or anywhere between 6-11 pm at night (which is a nasty thing when you’ve been exercising in the middle of the day.) So, I knew I needed a hot water heater asap after I got here, esp. since I’m not the cold-water-shower type person, thankyouverymuch! So, one of those little helpers found its way into my bathroom, and has made me happy ever since. Now, I can shower whenever I want. And the water is hot. I can wash my dishes whenever I want, and the water is hot. I can wash my hands whenever I want, and the water is hot! Me and my hot water heater are some really good friends for sure! Photo Challenge Day 22: Hands I’m …


Food Corner: Lotus Pods

I’d known them as decorative accents before, but ever since coming to China, I’ve learned that parts of the lotus are considered a side dish here, and actually can be pretty delicious. They have a crunchy bite, have a sweet flavor, and usually are prepared in the wok, frying them in oil – sometimes with, sometimes without any other additions. Oh, and here’s the latest photo for the challenge this month: Photo Challenge Day 19: Something Orange