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Monday Highlight: Scrapping Fall with Older Kits

Buying digiscrap kits, I really like to make full use of them. And making full use of them, also means to use them again, for more than just one layout. So, recently, I dug up some of my older kits from my digistash, to scrap some of my more recent fall memories and thoughts. Here’s one page, made with Julie Billingsley’s and Eva Kipler’s “Warm Your Heart,” which unfortunately is no longer available. I only added a few berries from another kit, and a stamped alpha. And this one – a scraplift of a rather simple nature – was made with Julie Billingsley’s “Falling For You.” See? Old, doesn’t mean outdated, or boring; so maybe you also have some older kits in your digistash that are still good for scrapping your memories. Why not check your folders, and see if there’s something that maybe you’ve even forgotten about, but that would make a wonderful new page? You never know – it might be a page like that that makes one of the next standouts …

Monday Highlight: Oodles of Tags

They’re small. They’re simple. They’re basic. And yet, time and again have I referred to them, used them in all different sorts and fashion: Tags. Julie Billingsley has several tag packs in her store that I’ve used so many times, I wouldn’t even be able to count the pages. I’ve used them to add dates (the obvious, of course), but also as embellishment, or to add sentiments, extra information, or even to serve as my journaling mat. If there’s ever one investment I’ve made that I haven’t regretted at all, it’s getting those tags. Here, take a look at some examples of how I used them …

Monday Highlight: A Minibook of Memories

Yes, you’re right: It’s been a little quiet in my galleries recently. For one, I’ve been really busy with work and real life lately, and for another: I got inspired. “Inspired?” you ask. Yep. Another one of my inspirations. This time it’s all about minibooks. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just hop on over to this place HERE. Take a look at this lady’s scrap-creations. In my opinion, she’s created some pretty amazing minibooks. Or THIS one. This lady, too, has lots of super fun travel books/journals that she creates. So much inspiration to look at. It actually got me thinking: I hardly ever print out photos. And wouldn’t it be fun to have a little collection of photos, memories, journaling to put together into a small photo/minibook? Well, I didn’t just think about it. I actually went ahead and did it. Or at least, I started it. Still got a lot more pages to do (and am realizing that this book probably exceeds the size that I had expected it to …


Monday Highlight: Paper Pack 3

Well, I meant to highlight another product today, but it’s kind of really late today (got stuck talking to a dear friend on the phone that I haven’t talked to in years), so I’ll just share my latest paper pack with you and call it a day. Like with the other two packs, these solids coordinate perfectly with the newest SSD Quarterly Assortment (2011, Vol. 3). I just realized that I saved the preview in full jpeg quality. If you don’t want it to waste so much of your disk space, you can save the preview image from here, and replace the one that’s in the folder. The download links to my freebies will be up only temporarily, so make sure you grab them before they’re gone. Note: Please do not re-distribute these papers in any way (you may share the link to this post), and when you use these papers, please make sure to credit them to Misty Hilltops Designs.


Monday Highlight: Tiebreak

I’m excited to introduce you to a product of a different kind for once: Tiebreak by Erica Zwart With my other passion (besides scrapping & photography, etc.) being tennis, this kit was a must-have for me, as soon as I saw a page using it in the gallery standouts (GSO). And I even managed to get it for half-price (though I don’t know how that happened). I love the graphic feel of this kit that comes with lots of brushes, some word-art, but also the obligatory tennis rackets and a fun assortment of papers. With the other older tennis kit I have, I can finally scrap more of my many tennis photos. Here’s some inspiration, using this kit: For this page (above) – I must admit – I nearly copied a layout that was done by a CT member of Erica’s for this release – that’s how much I loved the design. Here’s a page, using more of my own ideas and creativity. I just love what you can do with this. And just today, …


Monday Highlight: Sweetshoppe Quarterly Assortment Vol. 3

If you’ve been around my little digiscrap corner for a while, you’ll probably know that I love the SSD Quarterly Assortments. They are a great collection of mini kits released by the Sweetshoppe designers for one really low price. What’s especially exciting about them this year is that the designers have started to collaborate on coordinating their kits, which means that basically you get four full kits and one medium size kit for the price of less than one. A great deal in my eyes anyways, and with the newest volume they offer another full set of beautifully designed kits. Take a look … But it gets even better! While these QAs come with a huge assortment of papers and embellies, they were usually missing only one minor part: the solid papers, which I happen to use a lot in my scrapping. So, I usually had to look for some coordinating solid papers in my digistash, wich is quite extensive, though it takes more time finding the right paper. So, for this latest release, I …

Monday Highlight: Fancy Pants

I’d like to introduce you to another kit that I like this week, and that is … Fancy Pants by Traci Reed It’s almost hard to determine what exactly I like about this kit. Is it the color palette of green, brown, yellow, and white that comes in a beautiful combination? Is it the various elements she included with the kit, ranging from flowers and foliage to ribbons, buttons, and tons of other embellishments? Is it the doodled look she added to some of those elements, or the pieces of handwritten word art? I can’t really tell, but I know I’ve used this kit for some wonderful pages already. Here’s just one sample layout that I created recently, using this kit:

Monday Highlight: Back to School

For lots of people these days it means “Back to School.” Even I am about to begin classes again, even though the new semester hasn’t officially started yet. So I think it’s about time to talk a little about scrapping school memories. Being a teacher myself, I can never get enough of school related products, as there’s always something school related to scrap about, and I have a growing stash of school kits. There are tons of great products out, and this post would be a never-ending one, would I begin to list all of them here. Therefore, I’m going to reduce myself to just a couple of my favorite ones. The layout above actually uses a collection of all kinds of kits that I have, some retired, some still very well out on the market. It probably is one of my most elaborate pages I’ve ever done, even using some of my own extractions. The majority of papers and elements, however, comes from Explore. Learn. Grow. by Sahlin Studio over at the Lilypad. Always …

Monday Highlight: Christmas in August

Who says I can’t scrap Christmas pages in August? At least my mom started laughing at me when she heard that I was planning to scrap those Christmas pages that had long been overdue. And I’m sure there’s other people out there thinking: What is she doing, scrapping Christmas pages in the middle of summer? But since in the photobook project I’m working on there were mostly Christmas pages left to scrap, I thought to myself: Why not go ahead and scrap those pages, even when it is August? It makes me long for my favorite season of the year! Anyways, hours of scrapping and about seven double pages of Christmas layouts later, I’m finally done, and I thought, I’d share some of those pages here with you. Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire you not to wait till the next Christmas season begins, (while you’re already making new memories), to start scrapping those old memories from last year !

Monday Highlight: Travel Journal – Western Frontier

I’m getting myself behind again, and before I let that happen again, I must share one of my recent discoveries with you. It’s Suzanne Baird from Roadside Designs and she has a wonderful template series out that is perfect for scrapping your traveling memories. What I especially like about those templates is that they look like pages from a magazine with a very clean and simple design, and yet those pages (in my opinion) look gorgeous! Travel Journal – Western Frontier by Suzanne Bairds Each template has room for photos and journaling, and the composition is perfect if those two are the things that you want to focus on when scrapping your travel memories. Here are some sample pages that I snagged from her blog: And of course, you can use these templates to scrap any other topic besides traveling, too. Here is one page I created based on one of the templates from “Travel Journal – Western Frontier” (but of course not without giving it my own little “twist”): This was the apple I …