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A Hunter’s Life

Ein Jägersleben   Alright, alright! Admitted, it’s my fault. I left out some fruit stuff for too long. So I can’t really blame those little critters, though they certainly were not at all welcome in my home. But welcome or not, they did come. And not too few, and here I was, having myself a pretty nice little fruit fly invasion. But I wouldn’t be me, if I’d allow that to bug me. So, I put on my hunter’s gear (aka a cup of water with vinegar and some fruit juice, and – most importantly – dishwashing detergent) and went on a fruit fly hunt. And if you look closely, I was victorious! I managed to catch quite a number of these things and have to conclude: invasion evaded! On to new adventures! Also gut, ich geb’s ja zu: es ist meine Schuld. Ich hab so ein paar Obstsachen zu lange draußen gelassen. Also kann ich diesen kleinen Viecher wirklich nicht allzuviel in die (nicht-existenten) Schuhe schieben, ausser dass sie wirklich wirklich nicht bei mir …


Smokin’ Good

Verr(a)ucht   Do you see this? Seht ihr dies Bild?     This is our lobby. And no. This isn’t a bad picture taken of the lobby (though, admitted, the picture is pretty bad). But this is our lobby during harvest season. The mist you see in the picture is actually smoke. From all the harvest fires. And that smoke doesn’t just give our lobby a sweet and dreamy appearance. That smoke is everywhere, wafting through the hallways and into our rooms. Smokin’ good, ain’t it! Das ist unsere Eingangshalle. Und nein, das ist nicht nur ein schlechtes Bild von unserer Lobby (obwohl, zugegeben, das Bild ist ziemlich schlecht). Aber das ist unsere Lobby während der Ernte. Der leichte Nebel, den ihr da seht, ist eigentlich Rauch. Von all den Erntefeuern. Und der Rauch gibt nicht nur unserer Lobby eine verträumte Erscheinung. Dieser Rauch ist überall, wabert durch die Flure und Hallen in unsere Wohnungen. Ziemlich verr(a)ucht, findet ihr nicht auch?


Of Buckets and Bowls and a Very Risky Shower

Von Eimern und Schüsseln und einer ganz riskanten Dusche   The announcement came a couple of days ago: There will be no water on Saturday due to some maintenance work (or should I say because there’s been a number of colleagues who haven’t had hot water in their showers for quite a while?). A friendly reminder came in last night, once more emphasizing that water would be out from 8 am to 6 pm, or in other words the entire day. Someone had mentioned to me a couple days ago that this only applies to certain parts of the building (where I live wasn’t supposed to be part of that). So, I kind of ignored those notifications and merely made a mental notice that I’d fill up a bucket and a bowl before the water was gone, hoping that I’d remember. It being a holiday, however, I “forgot” to wake up before 8 and by the time I saw the notification again, which reminded me, it was nearly 10 am. Oh no! I said to …


Of Rain, Lobbies, And Missing Buckets

Vom Regen, einer Eingangshalle und fehlenden Eimern   Check this out: It’s been raining (yes, I talked about that blessing yesterday) but by crossing our lobby, we have no other way to tell than by looking out of the windows. Yes, as a matter of fact, our “rain-proof” in-lobby weather report doesn’t work anymore. All the buckets are gone, and there are no puddles around to tell us to beware that we might need to prepare ourselves for odd weather circumstances outside. Whether the fact that the buckets are missing and the leaks are gone – in other words, whether our personal weather indicator has finally been put out of order is a tragic thing or not, I leave for you to judge.   Seht euch das nur an: Es regnet (ja, über diesen Segen habe ich ja schon gestern philosophiert), aber wenn man unsere Eingangshalle kreuzt kann man nur noch erkennen, dass es draussen regnet, wenn man aus den Fenstern guckt. Tatsächlich funktioniert unserer “regensicherer” In-Lobby Wetterbericht nicht mehr. Alle Eimer sind weg und auch …


Bake Sale Delights

Backwaren Verkauf und Dergleichen Genüsse Bake Sales are one of the highlights for us each semester. And this one was no exception. As all the money goes toward support orphans in our area, it’s the one time you can indulge yourself and even have a very good excuse for it, too. After all, the more you buy (and therefore eat) the more you help others, aren’t you? Backwaren Verkäufe sind einer der Höhepunkte unseres Semesters. Und dieser Verkauf war keine Ausnahme. Und da alles Geld in die Unterstützung von Waisenkindern in unserer Umgebung wandert, ist es die Gelegenheit, mal richtig zuzuschlagen. Immerhin gibt es auch eine richtig gute Entschuldigung dafür, mal über die Strenge zu schlagen. Schließlich bedeutet es ja: Je mehr du kaufst (und isst) desto mehr hilfst du anderen. (Habe ich recht?)


Of Routers and Historic Events

Von Routern und historischen Ereignissen Since we’ve been talking about historic events here these days, let me add another one to my list. This one, however, should be marked as a historic day in my personal bibliography. The day when my router finally got a password! Da wir in den letzten Tagen nun schon über historische Ereignisse sprechen, erlaubt mir, ein weiteres Ereignis zu der Liste hinzuzufügen. Dieses, allerdings, zählt zu den “persönlichen” historischen Ereignissen: Der Tag an dem mein Router endlich ein Passwort erhalten hat! You see, the story goes like this. Pretty much 7 years ago, I got a router to access the internet at home more easily (yap, you don’t need to tell me that it’s a pretty old router, I’m fully aware of that but hey! it still works!) So, when I got that router 7 years ago, for some reason there was a glitch with the password, and no one could figure out how solve the problem, so after a whole lot of ballyhoo the pros from the computer department …


A Historic Day

Ein historischer Tag Aside from the blackout we had to deal with yesterday, another thing happened of almost historic dimensions. At least here on campus. Because, yesterday was the day the heaters were turned on. Yap. You got me right. And no, of course there’s been heating in some of the foreign faculty apartments. But from some of my previous posts, you may know that 1 1/2 years ago, some of us moved into a brand-new building. A building in which construction hasn’t concluded yet. And while we’ve had other means to keep us warm and comfy in our apartments, the day has finally come when we actually have radiators to do the job. Except that they do such a poor job of heating that we’ll probably have to continue using our other means … Neben dem Stromausfall gestern, gab es noch eine andere Sache, die passiert ist. Eine Angelegenheit von fast historischer Bedeutung. Zumindest hier auf dem Campus. Weil nämlich gestern der Tag war, an dem die Heizung angestellt wurde. Jap. Ihr habt richtig …


Of Unlucky News and Lucky Moments

Von schlechten Nachrichten und glücklichen Ausgängen We’ve been lucky today. How so? you ask. Glad you asked, so I can tell you. Well, here’s what happened. A couple of days ago this notice was posted on our notice screen: Heute hatten wir mal wieder Glück. Was für ein Glück? fragst du. Ich bin froh, dass du fragst, denn so kann ich’s dir sagen. Also, die Geschichte ist folgendermassen. Vor ein paar Tagen sind wir über folgendes informiert worden: The sign said that on Wednesday, we pretty much wouldn’t have power all day! Meh! What do you do when the power’s out and you can’t do much of anything? Well, at least we got prepared for this ahead of time, and so I got prepared myself. I charged my computer, my cell phone, put some extra stuff to work with on my cell phone, etc. But then, here’s the lucky thing. Instead of being out of power all day, shortly after noon the electric devices in my home started moving again, which made me realize that …


A Tough Nut

Eine harte Nuss So, here’s the dilemma: When I went shopping for the Christmas holidays, I discovered they were selling hazel nuts in the supermarket – something I hadn’t seen around here before (hazel nuts are a typical “snack” during the Christmas season in my family). So, of course, I had to get myself a bagful of them. Assuming, that is that my nutcracker, of which I know that I have one, must be sitting at home in one of my kitchen drawers, patiently awaiting his opportunity to be of use. But soon after I got home, I discovered, nutcracker had gone off, wandering about, and was nowhere to be found (something that’s not too infrequent here as my kitchen is pretty well equipped and people often come knocking on my door asking for this or that). So, here I am, having this wonderful collection of nuts, and no way of actually enjoying them … Hier ist mein Dilemma: Als ich kürzlich für die Weihnachtsfeiertage einkaufen war, habe ich entdeckt, dass sie im Supermarkt Haselnüsse …


Getting Ready for the Season

Vorbereitungen It’s the weekend, and for me that means I have a bit time for crafting. So, I’ve been crafting away today, creating little Christmas trees, ornaments, and lanterns (keep checking my Digiscrap Corner where I’ll be sharing things in the Hybrid Hub over the next couple of weeks). Needless to say, I’m getting into quite the Christmas mood …  Off to find some of the good ol’ Christmas music that must be sitting around somewhere … Es ist Wochenende, und für mich heisst das, ich hab mal ein bisschen Zeit zum Basteln. Also bin ich heute ein wenig kreativ geworden, und hab ein paar kleine Weihnachtsbäume gebastelte, Christbaumkugeln, und Laternchen (haltet ein Auge auf meine Bastelecke in der Digiscrap Corner, wo ich euch in den nächsten Wochen alles zeigen werde). Ich muss es gar nicht erst erwähnen, die Bastelei bringt mich so richtig in Weihnachtsstimmung … Muss los, um mal nach der guten alten Weihnachtsmusik zu suchen, die hier irgendwo noch sein muss …