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Oh, Sweet Advent Calendar

Oh, du süßer Adventkalender Yes, you’re right! I’m far too grown up to care for things like an advent calendar for myself. But where there’s so little else of Christmas around, I think you have to grab every opportunity yourself. And for me that means even having an advent calendar for myself. And this year, once more, it’s filled with lots of goodies that my friend brought with her when she came to visit from Germany this past summer. Yes! If you want to make the most of things around here, you sometimes have to think long-term. Ja, ihr habt ja recht! Ich bin schon viel zu erwachsen für meinen eigenen Adventskalender. Aber wenn es um mich her so wenig weihnachtet, dann – finde ich – muss man halt Gelegenheiten schaffen. Und für mich ist halt der Adventskalender eine solche Möglichkeit. Und dieses Jahr ist mein Kalender wieder mal mit allerlei Süßem aus Deutschland gefüllt, die meine Freundin bei ihrem Besuch im Sommer mitgebracht hat. Jawoll! Wenn man hier das Beste aus einer Situation machen …

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Baking Apprentices

Die Back-Praktikanten Ok, I admit it: You could blame me for making my students labor like slaves in my home. Almost, at least. Why? Because I make my students come  and cut cookies for me for hours. But then, please, don’t blame me too horribly. Because my students actually really enjoy doing it. Why? Because hardly any of them have ever done anything like baking or cutting cookies. And for them it’s like an exciting adventure. Something they can’t get enough of. So, in the end, one hand washes the other: While I get to have loads of cookies (of which they they devour a good portion, of course), they get to have all the Christmas magic and excitement we used to have growing up. And that’s how things are supposed to be, don’t you think? Ok, ich geb’s ja zu: Man könnte mir ja vorwerfen, dass ich Sklavenarbeit in meinem Hause dulde. Zumindest beinahe. Warum? Weil ich meine Studenten für Stunden rackern lasse, damit sie mir meine Plätzchen ausstechen. Dabei dürfen wir allerdings nicht vergessen, dass meine …

Lobby Disasters

Eingangshallenkatastrophen   It’s been a while, but I decided to try another blog post again. Because I actually like blogging. Because I haven’t been around here to say “Hi!” in like forever. Because I actually have a couple of spare minutes, for one. And because of the disaster that is worthwhile sharing with you here today. I call it the lobby disaster, even though it didn’t even start in our lobby. It actually started in our dining hall. Right during lunch time. A murky brown liquid came streaming into our dining hall, and while we were waiting in the lunch line, we were all wondering what the substance was. Sewer stuff? It didn’t smell like it. But it definitely didn’t look like anything I want to get close to. While I was hurrying to finish up my lunch before the stuff would reach the spot where I was sitting, I didn’t even have a clue that what we were seeing in the dining hall was just the tip of the iceberg. Sure, someone had mentioned …


A Garden Invasion

Eine Garten Invasion   Every year, it seems, my parents’ garden gets invaded. By starlings. Not just by 10 or twenty birds but by dozens and dozens. I guess they like the things that grow in our garden. And while we don’t usually mind birds in our garden, today they weren’t quite welcome. Why? Because we just had cleaned our patio furniture when they came to drop stuff all over them again. Like cherry goo and such. Yuck! And back to work, of course. Jedes Jahr, so scheint es, gibt’s in unserem Garten eine Invasion. Von Staren. Nicht nur 10 oder 20 sondern Dutzende. Ich vermute, sie mögen die Sachen, die bei uns im Garten wachsen. Und obgleich uns Vögel im Garten in der Regel nicht stören, waren sie uns heute nicht willkommen. Warum? Weil wir gerade die Gartenmöbel gesäubert hatten und sie nun wieder auf allem herumkleckerten. Kirschkram und so. Bäh! Und zurück an die Arbeit, natürlich!                

The Desk Mess

Das Schreibtischchaos   Yap! That’s my desk. And that’s how messy it is. At least for now. Of course, it doesn’t always look that messy, but lately it has. Why? Because I’ve been creative. And because of that I have a good excuse for such a messy desk: You shouldn’t constrain a creative mind. So, I’m not going to stress about my messy desk and just go on to create flowers and other pretty little things. Jap! Das ist mein Schreibtisch. Und so chaotisch sieht er zur Zeit aus. Klar sieht er nicht immer so schlimm aus, aber in letzter Zeit schon. Warum? Weil ich kreativ bin. Und deswegen habe ich auch eine ganz tolle Entschuldigung für so einen chaotischen Schreibtisch: Kreative Köpfe sollte man nicht einschränken. Also mache ich mir über meinen Chaosschreibtisch mal nicht so die Gedanken und werde weiterhin Blumen und anderes Kleinzeug kreieren.            

Party with a Chocolate Fountain

Party mit einem Schokoladenbrunnen     We got a special treat today: for a little youth gathering my sister pulled out their chocolate fountain. And for any chocolate lover like me that’s like being in paradise. Chocolate was so abundant that not only our appetites got satiated but so did our clothes, the table and pretty much everything else as well. Wir wurden heute besonders verwöhnt: für ein kleines Jugendtreffen hat meine Schwester ihren Schokoladenbrunnen aufgebaut. Und für jeden, der Schokolade so mag wie ich, ist das wie ein Tag im Paradies. Schokolade war in solchem Überfluss da, dass nicht nur unsere Mägen mehr als genug abbekamen, sondern gleich auch noch unsere Klamotten, der Tisch und so ziemlich alles andere auch.            

Hybrid Hub: Scrapbook Paper for Easy Christmas Wall Decor

Bastelecke: Scrapbook Papiere als weihnachtliche Wanddeko  One DIY post per week isn’t enough, when I’ve been working on a number of seasonal DIY projects over the last couple of weeks. So, I decided to share with you something I’ve made lately. On Pinterest, my sister found this idea to frame fabrics and hang them on the wall. Well, I thought, I don’t have pretty Christmas themed fabrics, but I have those three frames in my living room that I’d really like to use with something that goes along with the season. And then a brilliant idea hit me: I have so many pretty digital scrapbooking papers, so why not print out a couple and place those in the frame? And since I really like the color scheme of my latest freebie collection, I decided to use the papers from Holly & Pine. (You can find the downloads to this collection in the freebie section here at It was a super fast project that only took me a couple of minutes and look how it …

Our Daily Woe

 Unser täglich Weh Check this out: Seht euch das hier mal an:           Yup! That’s lunch in our dining hall. More precisely: baked potatoes (a yummy dish, although it might not look all that yummy on the photo here; but that’s beside the point). Take a closer look at the silverware used here to handle the meal. Yes, you’re seeing quite right. And no, I wouldn’t choose chopsticks to eat a Western meal of baked potatoes and fresh salad. But that’s our almost daily woe in the dining hall – the lack of silverware. Sometimes, genius strikes me and I remember to pick up my silverware before I join the line to get my food. But more often than not the forks are gone and then it means make-do with whatever options you have. And well, with the help of the knife you might actually be able to tame that baked potato and get small enough pieces for your chopsticks to be able to handle! Well then, cheers, everyone! Jap! Das …

The Lights in the Hallway

 Die Lichter im Flur   This is our hallway: Das ist unser Flur:         And this is our hallway when the lights are off: Und das ist unser Flur, wenn die Lichter aus sind:         Which happens every once in a while and then you have to find your way through the darkness. Unless, of course, genius strikes you and you get the brilliant idea to try out the light switch. And then you notice, it’s not a problem with the hallway’s electricity. Just, no one before you thought of simply trying out the light switches. Of course, the big question remains: Who gets the idea to turn off all lights in the hallway? But I guess that’s a question for which we have to find the answer another day … Das passiert hier hin und wieder mal, und dann musst du halt einen Weg durch die Dunkelheit finden. Es sei denn, dich trifft ein Geistesblitz und dir kommt der brillante Gedanke, dass du vielleicht mal den Lichtschalter probieren …