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Three-Fold Holiday Happiness

Dreifaches Feiertagsglück   We’re on holiday. One of the three big holidays around the year we get. Actually, it’s the second most important holiday, at least if you go by the number of days we get to have off work/school – a full week. And this year we’re doubly lucky, because we don’t need to make up our free days by working on the weekend (Saturday/Sunday) instead. And well, I can count myself “tripplely” lucky, because my own nation’s national holiday also falls on one of these free days. So, I get to be as free and class-unburdened as a bird and if having a holiday isn’t reason for happiness enough, my three-fold holiday fortune certainly is!   Wir sind in Feiertagslaune. Es ist einer der drei großen Feiertage, die wir übers Jahr hier bekommen. Eigentlich ist es wohl der zweitwichtigste Feiertag, zumindest wenn man nach der Anzahl der freien Tage geht, die wir hierfür bekommen. Und dieses Jahr haben wir doppeltes Glück, weil wir unsere Unterrichtszeit nicht aufs Wochenende (Samstag/Sonntag) vertagen müssen. Und ich, …

April Fool’s Day

It’s Easter still, where I come from, but that doesn’t mean it’s a holiday where I live now. As a matter of fact, these days it’s business as usual (as I told you last week), since people here know nothing of Easter, really. But they do know about April Fool’s Day. Lucky for me, I didn’t get tricked, and being busy trying to keep today a holiday for myself as well, I didn’t really get a chance to trick anyone else, either. But then I figured: there are worse things in life than missing out on April Fool’s Day!   And I did get myself a little Easter greeting from my family, too. Look:

Journaling Café: Celebrate Easter

We just celebrated Easter, and in fact, in some places of the world (like my home country), today is still a full fledged Easter holiday. This makes it the perfect time to spend some thoughts on Easter, your Easter traditions, and what this holiday means to you. So, here are today’s journaling prompts:   And of course, as always, I got started with a little page of my own:

A Little Easter Walk

With a friend of mine, we’d decided to go for a little hunt of spring blossoms. The problem was: it’s been so cold recently that only very few trees are in bloom yet. That, however, didn’t hinder us in our determination, and so we got a couple of pictures still.   And on that note I’m wishing everyone happy Easter!              

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Easter is coming up – a fact which you know, of course. For me, Easter is one of those holidays that I have to look up in the calendar in order to know that it’s coming up. This holiday just doesn’t get much noticed otherwise where I live. In fact, no one here would know that half the world is celebrating a holiday, unless you told them so, because business here goes on as usual. I for my part, however, intend to be aware of this holiday, this weekend. So, I’ve started preparing. Preparing, that means, I started thinking ahead about what are things that are everyday work related that I don’t really need to do this weekend. And while that kept me really busy today, I feel like, for the first time in years, I’ve been somewhat on top of things and can actually enjoy an Easter holidays without making it a normal work weekend like everyone else around here. So, on that note, I hope everyone will have an enjoyable weekend as well!

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

The Thanksgiving Holiday always is a great opportunity to express gratitude, no matter which country you are from. So, I want to take the opportunity to say thanks to all my family and friends who have helped make this an unforgettable year of my life!  

Among Lilacs

It’s Easter. And on top of it, it’s beautiful weather. So, yesterday, I decided to take out my camera and go among the lilacs. As I was out on that walk, I was having so much fun, that in fact, I didn’t just stay among the lilacs, I also did some more exploring among the other blooming creatures of spring. Need proof? Here are the lilacs …   And here, that’s me enjoying a walk on a wonderfully sunny Easter Sunday:   And if you’d like to see more, you can check out the photo gallery.  

Happy Easter

It’s the Easter weekend, and to all of you that care about such things, I wish you very happy, restful and delightful Easter holidays. Make sure you keep some chocolate bunny leftovers for me, because here in China, we certainly don’t get much of Easter in any way. It’s just another normal, busy busy weekend like every other!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday where I grew up, and neither is it a holiday here in China. But living in an American community, I get to celebrate whatever is most important to my American colleagues, and Thanksgiving certainly is one of the most important holidays to most people around me. I don’t mind though. Being thankful always is good, and I have many reasons to be thankful. Most of all, I’m thankful for the love and support of my family and friends, their encouragement, when life far away from home gets tough. Thanks to everyone who is helping me be the person I was meant to be! I’m grateful to have you in my life, and thankful for whatever memories and experiences we share! Happy Thanksgiving, friends!