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Freebie Friday: Pocket Love – Photo Pockets {small} Vol. 1

Freebie Freitag: Pocket Love – Fototaschen {klein} Vol. 1 I’ve been wanting to share these with you for a while, since they’ve been sitting in my downloads for a long time. Now we can finally get to it. These photo pockets are perfect for projects like your December Daily album, and they coordinate perfectly with the December Daily Foundation Page Template set that I’m sharing with you HERE. Ich wollte euch dieses Freebie schon längst weitergeben, weil es schon so long in meinen Downloads sitzt. Jetzt komme ich endlich mal dazu. Diese Fototaschen eignen sich hervorragend für Projekte wie das Weihnachtsalbum und sie koordinieren perfekt mit dem Weihnachtsalbumvorlagenset, das ich HIER zur Verfügung gestellt habe. You will get six photo pockets, and they all come in png format. I have a collection of altogether eight parts nearly fifty different pockets, so don’t forget to come back to pick up the next pack. Ihr bekommt sechs Fototaschen, alle im PNG Format. Dies ist der erste Teil einer 8-teiligen Kollektion mit fast 50 Taschen, also vergeßt nicht, euch …

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Freebie Friday: Autumn Song – Part 6

Freebie Freitag: Autumn Song – Teil 6 Ladies, I’m so sorry I totally forgot to post part 6. Now, it’s pretty much a year later, when you finally get it. First off: I year ago, I actually lost, not one, but two hard drives. Both of them together pretty much contained my whole life. Fortunately enough, I had a lot of stuff backed up, so over time I was able to retrieve some of it. But I lost a good portion of my “designing toolbox.” Needless to say: it was so frustrating that I haven’t been motivated to do much in my Digiscrap Corner. Adding to that the fact that this last year life has been crazy busy for me, there simply wasn’t time to work on any new freebies to share here. But at least I should share with you the last part of this collection. And I do apologize for neglecting you all for so long. The good news: I have a couple of things that I had finished already before the crash that I …

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Freebie Friday: Autumn Song – Part 5

Freebie Freitag: Autumn Song – Teil 5   Friday is always a good day because it doesn’t only mean that the weekend is just around the corner, it also means that it’s time for another freebie installment. This time you’ll get the first part of the ellies and that means there’s only one part left to finish the entire collection. I must almost congratulate you, therefore. I’d also like to inform you that I’ve worked hard to design my next freebie collection, which is definitely one of my best collections so far (I think), and I’m happy to report that it’s all done and sitting on my hard drive waiting to be uploaded. With that, however, I also have to say that said hard drive has been given me troubles and I haven’t been able to access it in two days (bummer there, because I didn’t even get an opportunity to upload the collection to mediafire yet as I just finished it before the drive went numb; so let’s really hope it’s only a temporary …

Freebie Friday: Autumn Song – Part 4

Freebie Freitag: Autumn Song – Teil 4   This is probably the part most of you have waited for (PL packs are usually the most downloaded items in my collection of freebies). So, I hope you’re having fun with this one. Spread the word, spread this on Pinterest (so more people can enjoy it) and don’t forget to come back to collect the remaining parts of this collection. (And as there’s only two more parts to share after this, I’ve already started giving some thought to my next kit, which will be another Christmas themed one. I already have the color scheme and will hopefully find the time to start designing it soon! But for now, you get the Pocket Love part of Autumn Song. Heute gibts wahrscheinlich den ersehntesten Teil dieser Kollektion (PL Produkte sind in der Regel in am häufigsten heruntergeladenen Teile meine Freebie Kollektionen). Also wünsch ich euch viel Spass hiermit. Sagt’s weiter, teilt es auf Pinterest usw. (damit noch mehr Leute sich daran erfreuen können). Und vergesst nicht, euch die verbleibenden …

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Freebie Friday: Autumn Song – Part 3

Freebie Freitag: Autumn Song – Teil 3   We’re moving right along. And this time you get to collect the second part of the papers. Don’t forget to come back soon for the next installment, which should get all you Project Lifers all excited (it’s quite interesting, but the Pocket Love part always get collected tons more than the rest of the collection; there may be a couple hundreds of downloads for each part of the collection, but the PL part is usually several times as much!). Anyway, that’s up next time. I hope y’all have fun using this part. Happy scrapping! Und weiter gehts. Diesmal bekommt ihr den zweiten Teil der Papiere. Vergesst nicht, bald zurückzukommen, um euch den nächsten Teil abzuholen, und das sollte alle Projekt Leben Scrapper freuen (es ist ja schon interessant zu beobachten wie der Pocket Love Teil wesentlich öfter heruntergeladen wird als der Rest der Kollektion; die einzelnen Teile der Kollektion werden in der Regel mehrere hundertmal abgeholt, aber der PL Teil wird gewöhnlich doppelt und dreifach soviel gefragt!). …

Enable Me: Free Autumn Leaves Cutting Files by Alaastudio

Inspiration am Mittwoch: Kostenlose Herbstblatt Schneidedatei von Alaastudio   Hey guys, I’m just stopping by real fast to point you to a nice little cut file freebie I found for Silhouette machine owners (or similar machines). Just hop on over to and check it out for yourselves. Hallo! Ich schau hier nur mal kurz vorbei, um euch schnell auf ein nettes kleines Freebie hinzuweisen, welches vor allem für Silhouette Besitzer (oder Besitzer ähnlicher Maschinen) von Interesse sein wird. Ein paar Herbstblätter, die ihr euch bei abholen könnt.              

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Freebie Friday: Autumn Song – Part 2

Freebie Freitag: Autumn Song – Teil 2   Did you like the alphas? They were a lot of fun to create for me and I’m sure you can use them in combination with other digital scrapbooking kits, not just this one. Anyway, we’re on to our next installment, and that means this time you get to collect the first part of the papers. Hope you’ll have fun with this. And don’t forget to come back soon to pick up the second part of the papers. Haben euch die Alphas gefallen? Mir hat es jedenfalls Spass gemacht, sie zu erstellen. Und sicherlich könnt ihr sie auch mit anderen digitalen Scrapbooking Kits verwenden, nicht nur mit diesem. Jedenfalls gehts heute weiter mit dem nächsten Teil und das wäre die erste Hälfte der Papiere. Ich hoffe, ihr werdet damit eure Freude haben. Und vergesst nicht, bald zurückzukommen, um euch die zweite Hälfte der Papiere abzuholen.                  

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Freebie Friday: Autumn Song – Part 1

Freebie Freitag: Autumn Song – Part 1   I’m so excited because it’s that time again to start another freebie collection. As autumn is noticeably on its way for many of us (even here where I live and where we rarely get a decent autumn season), this collection fits right in, and you’ll still have time to use it this autumn season as I’ll share the last part some time at the end of October/beginning of November. Anyhow, as usual, this kit is jam-packed with papers, ellies and three fun alphas. And speaking of alphas … that’s what you get to collect today. Don’t forget to come back to collect the other parts over the next couple of weeks. Happy Friday, and happy scrapping, everyone! Ich freue mich riesig, weil es mal wieder an der Zeit ist, eine neue Freebie Kollektion zu starten. Für viele von uns ist der Herbst schon merklich eingekehrt (sogar hier bei uns, wo es kaum einen Herbst hat, merkt man schon ein bisschen etwas), und diese Kollektion passt da genau …

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Freebie Friday: Template Collection No. 1

Freebie Freitag: Template Kollektion Nr. 1   Can you tell? I’m definitely catching up here in my little corner of the www. Only a couple of days to go to be up-to-date again. Meanwhile, I have an oldie but goodie for you. When I first started the Freebie Friday, I did a lot of templates. I uploaded them all to my own server. That, however, gave me some trouble after a while, because we ended up having more traffic than we were allowed to have. So, I had to delete all products from my server and began using mediafire, from which for the last couple of years you’ve been able to download all my goodies. I never went back, however, to re-upload those older templates and update those posts. Over the years, however, I got quite a number of requests about those older templates. So, a couple of weeks ago I decided to go back and upload the templates one by one, trying to do one each day so it doesn’t overwhelm me, but so …

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Freebie Friday: Summer in Orange Country – Part 6

Freebie Freitag: Summer in Orange Country – Teil 6   It’s that time again. The time you get to collect the last part of a freebie collection and call it complete! That means, today you’ll get the second part of the elements, and I can’t wait to see what you do with it. When you finish a page, I’d love to see what you did with this kit, so you’re welcome to come back and post pic/link to a pic of it in any of the freebie posts. As always, however, I want to ask you to respect my Terms of Use. This means you can take this collection (and any of my other products) for your personal use only. You may not use it commercially in any way, you may not share it, redistribute it, sell it, or otherwise make available to others, and you may not direct link to the mediafire site. Please play fair. If you want others to enjoy this as well, you’re welcome to share this post in any social …