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A Plane Story

A bike ride to the airport is always a fun trip. Today, however, it was especially worthwhile going there for at least two reasons: Not only did the students love getting so close to the planes, but because of the holiday, incoming planes were especially frequent. Sooo, I couldn’t have chosen a better day to invite students and friends to join me on a field trip. And though we had to deal with a couple of adversities on our way, I assure you, they were having just as much fun as I. And that’s the plane truth.


Bee Keepers and Other Curious Creatures

So, like I told you, we went mountain climbing yesterday. And while that in itself usually is an exciting event, the highlight of the day for me was our stop at the bee keeper’s. It’s this old man and his wife, who camp out at the foot of the mountain where they keep rows of beehives. And for the first time in my life, I was able to see how honey is “made.” After all, quite some of us purchased a jar of pure, all natural honey, and so the old man had to get more honey from the honeycombs. And we? We get honey deluxe – all inclusive that is. Even the extra portion of protein, since our honey comes with bee wings, bee legs and all that other good stuff that makes this honey so special!  


Mountain Climbing and Sad Discoveries

Everyone (we take) loves to go to the mountain not far from town where we can have adventures, nature, and lots of rock climbing. I’m no exception. So, I took a group of my students out on a little trip. But this time, I was in for a little disappointment. They are turning the bottom part of our trail into I-know-not-what – they say it’s going to be a water reservoir. But whatever they are doing, I’m just really sad, because they took down a huge part of the mountain, are breaking apart rocks and whatever else is in their way, and completely change what was so lovely about “our” mountain. And if you look at the pictures and wonder why I’m fussing since there’s no sign of anything out of the ordinary – that’s only because in defiance of what’s going on, I didn’t feel like taking pictures of the destruction. My photographer-heart simply ignored this part of our hike. Anyhow, the good news is, the majority of our nature retreat is still intact, …


Christmas Has Arrived

I went into town the other day, and I realized something: Christmas has definitely arrived. Even here. How I know? Because I found this: Need I say more? Talking about an overdose of Christmas stuff. Looks like they really want to make sure you don’t miss the point. Which means that the stuff should end up in people’s houses sooner or later – though I can’t say I’ve seen much of that yet. But in the public places you can definitely tell: Santa Clause is coming to town! PS. Which reminds me, I still haven’t shown you our in-house decorations yet. Will get to that, I’ll do my best to make sure, because you don’t want to miss that! 😉


About Santa Clauses, Purple Christmas Trees & Shopping in Town

Yep. It’s Christmas season. Even in China. How I know? Because you can see it in the streets. Well, not every street, of course, but certain places do show. Like this one, where we went shopping today. Now, I’m not going to start a debate here whether the stuff they sell is pretty, or worth buying or anything. As we all know, tastes differ – widely at times. So, I’ll let you make your own decision as to whether you like what you see, or not. Here. Maybe this will make your decision process a little easier: Anyways, going shopping into town, we got to see lots of Christmas stuff, and some pretty impressive decoration, too. Like the giant Christmas tree which was so purple that it hurt my eyes; or this castle that was so magnificent that we had to have our picture taken with it: Still not in Christmas mood yet? Well, that’s not my fault then. Showing you all these Christmas pics, I’ve done all I could to get you there, haven’t …


Around Town: Student Military Training

Every year the Freshman students have to spend their first month at university doing military training. That involves hours of exercising, usually in sun and heat (something that especially some girls dislike, because they like to keep their skin as untanned as possible). In any case, this year’s military training has been reduced to a minimum so far, since it’s been raining and pouring every single day for pretty much the last two weeks. Lucky for those girls, I’d say, though I haven’t figured out yet what they do when their training is cancelled due to bad weather …


Around Town: Dressing Up the Campus

This weekend, all the students will be back for the classes which will start next Monday. So, as always with these occasions, the campus his been “dressed up.” After all, students will bring their parents or relatives, and for that the school should present itself in the best light. These days, there are flags everywhere on campus. The fountains and waterfall usually are turned on to show off the beauty of this place. Except … there is still a lot of construction going on. And those sites right now are far from pretty.


Around Town: Gray Skies

Here’s the irony: Just the other day, I ran into one of the new foreign teachers coming out of the foreign faculty building longing for a breath of fresh air and getting none as the weather in August usually still is pressing hot! So I told her that she couldn’t expect any relief of this kind of weather when stepping outside for at least another two months (which usually is quite true), but then comes today – rainy (which is a good thing after it’s still been far too dry), and almost somewhat chilly! At least I can walk outside with a sweater and still feel comfortable. Now, I wonder what she (that foreign teacher) might say to that! 😉


Around Town: Construction Zone

It’s the summer break, and that means our campus turns into a construction zone. Shopkeepers change owners, shops get a facelift, so do many corners of our campus, and probably the biggest construction zone around is the new foreign faculty’s flat, which should have been done by now, but as a matter of fact, there’s no end to building in sight. For me, that means happy news, since I don’t yet have to move, which means I can enjoy my time doing other things.