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Freebie Friday: A Cozy Christmas – Part 5

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Yippieeeh! Late (as always, lately), but here it is! The last installment of “A Cozy Christmas!” Now you can go off and scrap your not yet scrapped Christmas memories. (I still got tons of them, which I’ll probably never get to scrap!)

Click on image to download

Anyhow, since this is the last part of this kit, it’s about time for me to announce what I have up my sleeves, next! Yes, yes, there’s more to come, and I’ve been busy busy designing lately, figuring out how things work on that side of the scrapbooking art, and I’m happy to share with you a peek at the next kit I have for you:


“A Cup Full of Winter” is my third kit I’ve created for you, and it’s again jam-packed with goodies of all sorts. (And I should express a heartfelt “Thanks” to my mom who actually keeps contributing by sending me pictures of things from her home that I can extract! So all of you, who get to play with this in a couple of weeks, say: Thank you, Mom!)

Anyhow, I’ll start sharing my first part of this kit next Friday, so don’t miss it! And if you’ve just stumbled upon MistyHilltops.com for the first time, it’s not too late to pick up my previous two kits: A Grateful Heart, and A Cozy Christmas (check the Tag: Freebies).

Alright. As always, keep in mind that I put a lot of effort and time into creating these (even involving my mom, right), so please, as a courtesy, don’t just go and share these products (or the direct links to those products for that matter) with others. If you like sharing (which I obviously like, too, as you can see here), then kindly send others this way so they can pick up these products from MistyHilltops.com.

And as always, I’m left to say: Happy Friday, scrappers, and happy scrapping!

PS. Please, please, please show me what you do with these kits when you play with them. I’d love to see your creativity, and all you need to do is, simply come back and post the links to your gallery uploads here in a comment.


  1. Thanks for this last gorgeous installment!
    I’ll definately show you what I make…..looking forward to playing soon!
    Your new kit is gorgeous as well – totally love the banners in both kits!
    How awesome is your mum photographing stuff for you! Yay for mothers! Have a gorgeous weekend! xx kel

  2. …also thought it’s nice you use the buttons to show the color inspiration/theme (attention to details) makes a difference to me imo.

  3. Bò Béo says

    Thanks very much for your A Cozy Christmas and the next A Cup Full Of Winter <3

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