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Culture Week 2012: Europe Day

Fright night is over, and I’m really glad we made it through a couple of days with skeletons hanging in our (new) lobby, and skulls welcoming visitors as they enter our building. Not being from a country where Halloween is a big event, I can never understand why people would want to scare each other with ghostly activities, when it’s so much better to share life and joy with one another. Anyhow, fright night is over, and Europe Day commenced today. Of course, being from Europe, every year, Europe Day upsets me, because my dear American colleagues never think of Europe as anything but ancient and medieval (a perspective, which is neither shared by the Chinese, nor can it be appreciated by a true European!).

Luckily, I was so busy with other things today, that I didn’t even have the time to go and take pictures of the events in the square (must have missed that one Viking which has survived through the centuries and annually makes his appearance at Culture Week). I didn’t even get to see much of the show at night, because when I arrived at the theater, all I heard was: “Come back tomorrow night for our last show!”

And then the lights went off …

The last I saw of European Night


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