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Between Repairs

My life is taking place between repairs these days! Literally every single day, I need to have a worker come to fix something in the new apartment. And that’s not even taking care of the most urgent business – the bad sewage smell which comes up from the drains. And I could tell you a story or two about these repair-guy visits (which I’ll probably do), but for now, I have to admit that those colleagues of mine deciding not to move into the new teacher’s flat but decided to stay in the old building were the ones with the smarter brains. Sad thing is, I never really had much of a choice with the move, and so I have to learn to arrange my life and learn how to live between repairs …

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  1. Eeewww! Sounds gross Sula!
    I hope they fix it soon…….or just get a heap of incense sticks!
    I love your digital scrapbooking pages! You are very talented in both scrapping and photography!
    Xx kel

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