Month: November 2011

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Tackling Your December Daily Project

  December 1st is at hand, and for many of us this means embarking on a new journey with the December Daily project. I started a huge hybrid album last year which isn’t anywhere near finished (and I don’t see myself finishing it this year as I’m far too busy with real life at the moment), so for this season, I decided to take a simpler approach. I’m creating a digital album.   Simplicity Is Key The goal for most of us is to keep things simple, and yet to create albums that we’ll enjoy looking at even years from now. I already started my 2011 project last week, and I’m quite pleased with the outcome. But before I started, I sat down and thought through a couple of things that now prove to be very helpful as I’m further into the project, and I thought I’d share some of these considerations with you … TIP NO. 1 | Choosing the Right Format Choosing a format for your project is one key to avoid having …


Food Corner: Chocolate Cake

Yes, you can find them in China. Those rare occasions of having real good chocolate cake. This one was actually made by my Chinese friend (note: Chinese people don’t normally bake; ever), but my friend is a full-blown exception. This cake had a very soft and moist consistence, with a rich layer of chocolate all around. It might look a little homemade, but it definitely was worth the treat!


A Small Beginning

I’ve been so wishing and hoping for this. Not the traffic, I mean. The snow, of course. Well, I wanted it a little whiter, and a little colder. So that the snow would stick around for a bit. But it’s at least a start, and some wise person once said that you should never despise the small beginnings. He knew a thing or two! And that’s why I’m thankful still. And why, of course, I had to take my camera out and capture this tiny beginning – even though there’s not really much to look at! Let’s hope for more snow tomorrow!

Behind the Scenes: Turning Text Into An Outline

Did you ever wonder how to turn text into an outline? Well, I have the answer for you, in this new quick and easy tutorial. The Background Story (you can skip this part, if you’re only interested in the tutorial) I’ve started working on my December Daily project for this year, and I decided to go with the inspiration by Ali Edwards. She created a set of 6×8 overlays to use as foundation pages. I really like that style for my own album this year. The only problem: The size. Living outside the US, we just don’t have letter sized paper, and for printing purposes it would be really impractical for me to use her set of overlays. So I decided to create my own overlays – quite similar to hers (I only added a month field to the date corner, because my project already starts in November). Looking at Ali’s set, I really love how the letters overlap, and simply rasterizing the type doesn’t do the trick to retain that overlapping. So I had …


Journaling Café: Thanksgiving Part II.

It’s official now: Christmas season has started. At least in Germany, yesterday was the first of the four advent Sundays. That does make things official. I, on the other hand, decided to stick with the Thanksgiving theme a little longer for today’s journaling post. There’s just too much to be thankful for, or to journal about – when it comes to the Thanksgiving holiday. So take a look at today’s journaling prompts: I hope you’ll find something in these prompts to inspire your journaling this week, and enjoy telling your story! The font used here is my own handwriting font DJB Squirrels In My Pants by Darcy Baldwin (available at the Sweetshoppe).  


Getting Ready: Christmas Greetings

  Ok, so let’s get one thing straight. When it comes to birthdays, holidays, etc. I’m usually not the most organized person. As a matter of fact, it’s rather likely for me to get my act together after the event, and I’ve been known to present birthday gifts, Christmas presents, etc. even months later. I even have one birthday gift sitting on my shelf that I meant to give to a friend almost three years ago. It’s still sitting there, all packed up and what not, just waiting to be handed over to its true owner. So, you get the point: I’m not an early bird when it comes to gift giving or even card sending, for that matter (and it’s not something I’m proud of, really!) This year, however, is special. As a matter of fact, I managed to mail out my Christmas cards a week before Thanksgiving (though psst! – I’m not telling you here that I meant to mail those cards last year, and the year before; just never got to it). …

Treasure Sunday: November 27th

I went treasure hunting again, and look what I found … Out of Time by Celinoa What do you think of this page? I love the vintage feel to it, the clustering, and how everything looks so realistic. On top of that I love the special lighting in this image, and the overall color scheme.   Dream Come True by Ella_75 This page immediately stood out to me in the gallery. I think it looks fantastic with all the white space, and of course, I love splats, and brushes, so the little mess behind the photo cluster looks just perfect. I also love the pops of yellow, and the black and white photos are perfect for this layout.   Merry Christmas by Mama_Maike Now things will become more seasonal. The first Christmas page I want to point you to is “December Dreams” or “Merry Christmas” as she herself entitled the page. With all the clusters, this page has so much to look at, and the photos are adorable.   Christmas by TiernaerrinsDesign Here’s another page …