Month: January 2011

Food Corner: Panzaroti & Co.

You’re right! It’s actually not time for the Food Corner yet, since that normally gets posted on Wednesdays. But because of Spring Festival this week, I’m going to switch things around a bit, and do the Food Corner today. Especially after we had a very special treat last night: an Italian Dinner with friends. They had invited us to enjoy some homemade Panzaroti (deep-fried pizza pockets, also known as Calzone) and Tiramisu. It was very delicious, but what turned out to be my greatest pleasure that night was the fact that all the dishes were placed on the table and we were able to serve ourselves. I’d never realized – always eating buffet style in our foreign faculty cafeteria – how much I missed being able to sit down at a table and filling my plate right then and there. Still, this particular pleasure was topped by something even more delightful: the Tiramisu! Hadn’t had anything this delicious in a long time!

Monday Highlight: Chill Out!

It’s been a while since I did my last Monday Highlight. But today I have another product I want to point out to you. It’s not a new release as it hit the store at SSD about a year ago. However, it’s a great kit to use for all these wintery pages, and as we still are in the middle of winter (at least in that part of the world where I am), I thought I’d talk a little about … Chill Out! by Dani Mogstad First of all, I love the color scheme of different shades of blue, brown, red. Another thing that stands out to me is the “doodled/handdrawn” elements and paper patterns. This kit comes with a great set of elements and papers, and also includes a large number of word strips that really can help make your journaling pop! In addition to that Chill Out! provides a set of four felt alphas, matching the color palette. Look at what I was able to create recently, using this kit:

Saturday Feature: Countdown to the Festival

The countdown to Spring Festival has started. In less than a week the nation will welcome the Chinese New Year, and for that, lots of preparations have to be made. Chinese families make extra efforts to give their homes an extra thorough cleaning – to clean out all the “bad luck” from this past year. Stores and supermarkets are crowded with people buying presents and ingredients for the elaborate New Year’s meals – Spring Festival is very much about eating! Public transportation is bursting with travelers – more than any other time in the year – as most everyone is trying to return to their respective hometowns in order to spend the holidays with their families. Usually, traveling around Spring Festival is a nightmare – prices are much higher than usual, and trains and busses so full, that more often than not you won’t be able to get on a vehicle at all. Here around school, we can tell that the new year is around the corner, because in recent days it has become even …

CT Spotlight (01/29)

She did it again! Libby created a new gorgeous kit with shades of blue and brown mixed with some white that just looks fabulous. Make sure you check it out in her store. And once you’re there, don’t forget to take a look at Cindy’s new set of templates and Darcy has a whole bunch of new fonts out. One including European characters (which makes me very happy!!!) and a set of four bold fonts coming in a package. Oh, and Stephanie of course hasn’t slowed down one bit and created another full load of templates over at Scrap Orchard. And here’s what I did with these products:


Freebie Friday: Unchanging

I did it! The second time in a row I managed to finish a freebie template on time! And here it is, based on my CT layout “Unchanging”: Click on the image to download. Also, make sure to grab the older freebie templates, as I’m planning to offer each freebie for a limited time only in the future. Enjoy! Note: Please don’t re-distribute this template in any way (you may share the link to this post) and when you use this template, please make sure to credit it to Misty Hilltops Designs.


Around Town: Getting Ready For Spring Festival

Spring Festival, the most important holiday in this nation, is just a few days away. And everywhere people are getting ready for the biggest event of the year. Here in town, streets are being lined with the obligatory red lanterns, and trees get decorated nicely with twinkle lights. It actually looks quite like it does at Christmas in other parts of the world. By the way, as we are speaking of Christmas already – look what I found just the other day when going into town for dinner: You are right! It’s a gingerbread house! The real deal. Saw it in the window of a restaurant and it did make me feel quite like Christmas. Did I ever mention that here in China no one really cares about whether it is the season or not to have Christmas decoration out!?